Why It Matters – The December 13th Show

Why It Matters – The December 13th Show

Kari Lake Lawsuit


  • Sophistication and deployment of election stealing tools and methods has been obvious and overwhelming over several election cycles, but courts have remained reluctant to consider the evidence and/or define what constitutes ‘proof’ of outcome-changing fraud
  • Kari Lake’s lawsuit over the Arizona mid-term election will put judicial integrity to the test
  • The evidence of fraud in the AZ election is overwhelming; it smacks of ‘intentionality’ and nefariousness; it is plainly at an outcome-changing level…AND EVERYONE KNOWS THIS
  • Lake’s courageous action gives Arizona and America one more [last?] chance to face election rigging and rise as a society to stop it

Moral courage is essential…do AZ/American courts still have it?


Twitter Files Self-Censoring?


Elon Musk’s release of “Twitter Files” has been eye-opening regarding the arrogant, biased, perverted and treasonous censorship of intellectual elites in the Silicon Valley

But the elephant in the room–direct federal govt involvement in the social media censorship activity—is being willfully ignored or obscured in these releases

  • James Baker’s role in editing/redacting early Twitter releases was late in being acknowledged
    • Baker should have been fired at the outset of Musk’s purchase of Twitter
  • What are the roles of Bill Barr and Chris Wray and those under their command?
  • Who is Shelby Pierson of the DNI office, and why is she involved with Big Tech?

Trust in Musk as a ‘white hat’ for ‘free speech’ survival may ultimately depend on whether these obvious omissions are corrected and the full unedited truth is shared


Fifth Generation Warfare: Invisible but Deadly


LG Mike Flynn’s new book ‘The Citizen’s Guide to Fifth Generation Warfare’ a must-read

CCP has long engaged in ‘unrestricted warfare’ against the USA

  • Intended to destroy America…without firing a shot…leaving China in world control

The weapons of this unrestricted CCP warfare:

  • Mental manipulation
  • Deceit
  • Demoralization

The purpose of CCP warfare is to discredit American values; to plant dissent and division; to create hatred of America under God….and cause Americans to lose confidence in their heritage

…and give up without knowing (1) that they are giving up, and (2) what they are giving up

Americans must rise to win this war

Waking up to the CCP tactics is the first step


DeSantis/Lake in 28! OR Lake/DeSantis


“Push-polls” already planting the idea that Trump is old news and discredited

  • And DeSantis is the shiny new object unbeatable in 2024
  • Trump won a landslide in 2020; a historic gain in votes for the incumbent
  • MAGA won a massive red wave in 2022; millions more GOP votes than Dem
    • But both elections were brazenly rigged and stolen, not b/c Trump is a uniquely bad person but b/c the ruling class Uniparty intends to hold onto power at all costs, while abandoning American ideals in favor of globalism and secular elitism

Question: Why would the same forces that stole the last two elections allow DeSantis to win in 2024?

Answer:  They wouldn’t.  They won’t.

…Which is why the survival of America is not about the 2024 election; it is about what will or will not be done NOW to broadly expose and stop election rigging in America…Go Kari Lake!


Signs that the Culture is Crazy


Kirk Cameron wants to read Biblically themed children’s books at library story hours

  • Libraries turn Cameron down b/c too controversial, but drag-queens are ok

Virginia restaurant refuses service to Christian organization b/c staff opposes Christian values

These are the signs of Fifth Generation Warfare against America

  • They zero in on God and Christianity as causing hatred and division

…yet God and Christianity are the foundation of America

  • They induce demoralization among the Christian backbone of America
  • They represent deceit and manipulation

b/c there are vastly more Americans who support Christianity than those who hate it

…and who know Christianity as the basis of family/community/unity, and not of divisiveness

Americans can win a Fifth Generation War…if they wake up and engage