Why It Matters – The December 13th Show

Why It Matters – The December 13th Show

System Working – Jussie Verdict


Even in Chicago, the jury got it right…

  • Rittenhouse, Arbery and now Smollett – Evidence and truth still ‘win’ in America

Smollett deserves some jail time …

  • Arranged a hoax; abused the police and judicial system
  • Essentially committed a hate crime against America – perpetuating the Left’s political goal of spreading racial tension – painting America as filled with white oppressors AND black victims

But the bizarre fact that Smollett even took his case to trial is evidence of how deeply indoctrinated and mesmerized he really is. Seems like he thought he was doing a good thing, because he has been taught to believe America is a bad place, filled with Trump-supporting racists, and he was determined to expose it

Truth is outing hidden agendas…

this is all to the long-term good of America


Biden Vote Remorse?


Crime, inflation, debilitated military, ‘covid forever’, public school rot…

            …it is all taking a toll on Biden voters

Anyone who voted for Biden on the narrative that he is a moderate/nice guy…

…to the extent he’s in charge at all, he is implementing the most extreme, angry, hateful    anti-American agenda, ever

Meet the Press panel laments media inability to tell Americans what to think

            MSM:  “There was no election fraud in 2020”

Americans:  Evidence of outcome –changing election fraud is overwhelming

MSM:  “January 6th was an insurrection”

Americans:  November 3rd was an insurrection; Jan. 6th was an unarmed protest made to appear to be something else…Seemingly Aided by AMERICA’S OWN FBI AND DOJ

Americans are waking up, and refusing to live under lies


What if NO ONE works?


“Help wanted” signs are everywhere; restaurants and service businesses especially short-handed…yet covid support payments ran out in September

The insidious effect of the pandemic & the Leftists’ agenda:

  • Prolonged fear of human interaction at work & early retirements to avoid risk
  • Covid payments & unemployment checks allowed Americans to save money & then reject work. Covid payments exceeded minimum wage – erodes willingness to work
  • Biden cabal delivers a message that work is oppressive, employers are racist, rich people should have their wealth re-distributed, everyone is a victim
  • No one in leadership extols the virtue and value of hard work…of the American ideal of starting at the bottom and working up the ladder

Communists have long sought ‘demoralization’ as a step to overthrowing America

Many have opined that the pandemic is a ‘plandemic’…a psy-op

Used to weaken/ demoralize America and her citizens & workers