Why It Matters – The December 14th Show

Why It Matters – The December 14th Show

Election Updates


Overwhelming evidence of 2020 election fraud abounds, and continues accumulating

  • Wisconsin data shows:
    • 8M population; 4.5M eligible voters; 7M voter registrations = fraud potential
    • 7% voter turnout in 2020 (preposterous)
    • 23,000 registered voters with the same phone number (obvious fraud)
    • 120,000+ voters registered for more than 100 years…=120K+ voters over age 118
  • Pima County, AZ data shows:
    • One town with 2X more registered voters than the entire town’s population
    • Canvassing one area exposed more than one-third of votes by non-residents

America’s elections are completely corrupt; no possible way to consider results reliable

Yet legacy media continues to report:  “Nothing to see here….”

“Vote Amish” may be the only path out of this mess


Buttigieg College Debt = Taxpayer’s Problem?


Biden admin action to restart college/tuition debt collection in 2022 after temporary covid moratorium prompts Pete Buttigieg’s husband to tweet a “no thanks” complaint

Unintentionally highlights the mess of govt. control of student loans

  • student loans perceived by colleges as govt. guaranteed…THEREFORE…no incentive for colleges to control costs or focus curricula on practical, job-qualifying majors
  • Gender/women’s/’global’ studies…lead to few jobs and low pay…but same high tuition
  • never actually absorbs the cost of forgiving student loans; only taxpayers do

Education funding must return to the private sector

Students have freedom to pursue their educational interest, but they are solely responsible for paying back their loans, and any default should be borne by the college, not taxpayers

Student loan forgiveness decisions should be case-by-case; not collective