Why It Matters – The December 14th Show

Why It Matters – The December 14th Show

Dr. Ben Carson Canceled in Detroit


Detroit school board orders removal of Dr. Ben Carson’s name from the name of a high school, to be replaced with the name of an early black woman doctor

Not a harmless, quirky little anecdote

  • Part and parcel of a political agenda to drive traditional pro-American ideals out of the USA

Dr. Carson is a living embodiment of the American Dream…no one more deserving of honor

  • Up from nothing
  • At the pinnacle of professional achievement in a seriously demanding medical discipline
  • A man of deep and openly acknowledged Christian faith…which he credits for his success

Banning all things Trump- or MAGA-related is the agenda of the Biden/leftist cabal

The sooner this is seen and resisted, the better


AOC, Fauci Climate Cluster


  • Fauci delivers parting message warning that climate change may exacerbate virus risks
  • Jane Fonda proclaims racism and misogyny at the root of climate change
  • AOC releases movie to stoke climate change alarm (flops big time)

Climate change alarmism is the nearly invincible tool of the left to destroy freedom

Everything causes climate change; therefore everything must be controlled and monitored

Data simply doesn’t support the alarmism, but the mantra is akin to rigid religious doctrine:

  • NOTHING can disprove the doctrine that demands alarm
  • EVERYTHING must be viewed as cause for more strident allegiance to the doctrine

Americans must be better informed about CO2 levels…earth’s climate history…actual diversity and difference of opinion among climate scientists (NO consensus, much less 97% consensus)

Climate change alarmism is unfounded

‘Control of the people’ is the real objective and must be rejected