Why It Matters – The December 14th Show

Why It Matters – The December 14th Show

Antrim’s Voting Machines


Antrim County in Michigan utilized Dominion Voting Systems equipment

Infamous 6,000 vote ‘glitch’ discovered in relation to vote on marijuana legalization

Then discovered same ‘glitch’ with presidential voting

Michigan state authorities, including Attorney General—

  • Sought initially to prohibit full forensic audit of Dominion machines…WHY?
  • After audit complete, sought court order to block public release of resultsWHY?


ASOG audit results on Dominion machines used in Antrim now publicly disclosed

And remember:  Dominion machines were used throughout the USA

There is NO excuse for anyone anywhere to say

‘there is no evidence of fraud’…the fraud is overwhelming


ASOG Analytics on Dominion Machines


Federal standard for acceptable error rate on voting machines:  1 out of 250,000 ballots

Actual error rate on Dominion machines in Antrim County:  68.05% (typo in slide), or 170,125 (corrected) ballots

Massive transfer of Antrim ballots (>80%) into ‘adjudicated’ category, which is open to human/admin alteration…AND ALL AUDIT TRAILS/LOGS FOR ADMIN ACTIONS MISSING

Same phenomenon noted in Georgia and Arizona

“We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.“

                                                            Allied Security Operations Group, 12/13/2020

   The FRAUD is exposed; now it’s a question of what Americans will do about it


Election Status – SCOTUS Plus


  • Dismissal of Texas case a failure of moral courage; an embarrassment of legal gibberish

Texas has standing to sue other states, and SCOTUS has original jurisdiction

The claims related to clear failures by other states to follow Constitutional mandates

Seven justices ducked responsibility; hoped it will all go away, and Americans won’t notice


  • Sidney Powell’s lawsuits pending at SCOTUS will not be dismissible for lack of standing

The suits are brought in the name of presidential electors, who are directly harmed by fraud

  • President Trump has warned: fraudulent election results CANNOT be legally certified

SCOTUS cannot bury, ignore or evade the truth:  Americans are awake now


“We the People” Rise Up


  • 1M+ Americans in Washington DC on November 14th

                    and the MSM ignores or lies about it

  • 5M+ Americans in Washington DC on December 12th

and the MSM ignores or lies about it

The American people are the ‘sleeping giant’…and they are NOW AWAKE

Americans’ resolve to STOP AND REVERSE THIS FRAUD is not fading; it is increasing

Enemies always misjudge and underestimate the righteous fury of the American people

They are doing it again in the 2020 election fraud attack

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn says “10” is the 1 to 10 measure of the likelihood of

President Trump being re-inaugurated on January 20, 2021…

            Lt. Gen. Flynn understands the sleeping giant