Why It Matters – The December 15th Show

Why It Matters – The December 15th Show

DeSantis Leads Again, and Equis Reinforces Him


Florida’s ‘Stop Woke Act’

  • Bans CRT teaching in schools and workplaces
  • No tax dollars can be spent on CRT consultants
  • Gives parents the right to sue schools who teach CRT in defiance of FLA law

Recent Equis polling of Latinos

  • Increasingly turning against Dems by majority or near-majority
  • Opposed to socialism, both as rewarding laziness and enabling totalitarianism
  • The more recently they have fled socialism, the more they despise it

Ron DeSantis is showing what a leader looks like

  • Calling out CRT as the outrage it is
  • Denouncing socialism in all its forms and extolling freedom

The States can save America

IF they have governors like DeSantis (and OK’s Dr. Mark Sherwood)


TDS, Cheney Fumbles, Meadows Sues


Left’s commitment to “January 6th Insurrection!” narrative is absolute…but unraveling

Kerfuffle about text messages only confirms there was no organization behind any of it…

Jan. 6th Committee—

  • Mark Meadows was cooperating until Committee demanded he waive executive privilege
  • No inquiry about 14,000 hours of withheld videotape surveillance
  • No investigation of FBI/Antifa involvement (e.g., Ray Epps; John Sullivan)
  • No investigation of Capitol Police who invited/allowed people inside the Capitol
  • No acknowledgment of the real reason for millions coming to DC: legitimate concerns about

a stolen election…not an insurrection

January 6th insurrection narrative depends on public acceptance of ‘most secure election in history’ but Americans know there is now overwhelming and growing evidence of a stolen election

The insurrection narrative won’t hold; it is unraveling, daily