Why It Matters – The December 15th Show

Why It Matters – The December 15th Show

Don’t Get in the Car


  • When the car thief demands that you get in the car with him, that’s the time to resist

Go along with the criminal’s demand, and things won’t end well

  • The time to resist and overturn the 2020 election fraud is RIGHT NOW

Go along with the Marxist coup, and America may be gone for decades, or forever

  • Don’t humor or honor McConnell or anyone who says ‘this is just another election,

            move along, and let us in the ruling class handle this, because Orange Man Bad

  • The 2020 election fraud has never been about taking down Trump per se, it is about taking down America under the Constitution; it is a fundamental step toward the Marxist overthrow of American freedom; it must be fought, NOW


EC, EO & Ratcliffe Report


  • The Electoral College vote has meaning to the DC ruling class determined to allow the

fraud to go through on the assumption it can continue to manage the ‘rule’ of the      country under a Biden administration

The EC vote has no meaning to patriots who can see the scope of the fraud

  • Trump’s Sept. 2018 Executive Order 13848 was prescient as to the potential for foreign election interference, and is broad and powerful in specifying legal remedies

Calls for DNI report 45 days after election (Dec. 18)

Asset seizures, voting machine impounds, blocking of money flows—all available

Sidney Powell maintains there is already enough evidence to trigger the EO

  • Do Trump’s personnel shifts at DoD and DOJ signal imminent action under EO?

 Don’t be surprised if the answer is yes…stand by for Friday’s developments


AZ Subpoenas Dominion & MI Denies GOP Electors


  • Michigan forensic examination of Dominion voting machines…DAMNING to Dominion

Crippling to any claim of validity to Antrim County election results

Raise questions as to validity of election results anywhere Dominion in use

  • NOW AZ State Senate has subpoenaed Dominion…will conduct full forensic exam of Dominion machines used in Maricopa County (largest by population in AZ)
  • Don’t be surprised if AZ audit results similar to those in Michigan

The implications of two independent states finding material audit problems are staggering, and may upend January Congressional certification process

The left’s mockery and derision—”No evidence of fraud”—will never change this reality: 

The 2020 Presidential election was stolen thru massive fraud; the only question is if any American institution will face that reality and correct it


Lt. Col. West & New Constitutional Union


  • Elected Republican Party of Texas Chairman Allen West—

An American patriot

A soldier who has faced life and death battles

A witness to wars over power and control

A student of American and world history

  • West knows Americans are at a pivotal moment in history; not just another election
  • West’s viral comments about the possible need for a renewed union of states willing to follow the Constitution is not a call for war or even secession

It is a recognition that America’s institutions have failed America

SCOTUS in particular is not defending the Constitution against enemies

West’s call is timely and rightly thought-provoking; the burden is on the ruling class: why shouldn’t Americans be concerned?