Why It Matters – The December 16th Show

Why It Matters – The December 16th Show

Boris Johnson, Jeremy Corbyn and Donald Trump


        UK’s Conservative leader Boris Johnson promised to honor UK voters (NOT UK ruling class) & their desire to reassert British national identity and sovereignty—re Brexit.

RESULT – Landslide win; victory margin not seen since 1923.

        LIBERAL Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn spouted big government socialism, anti-Semitism, EU elitism.

RESULT – UK voters crossed party lines to reject everything he ran on.

        Donald Trump promised America First/Drain the Swamp in 2016…honoring the will of the American people, rejecting globalism & socialism.  And he is trying to do it!

        Liberals are running on socialism, abandoning borders, elitism, growing government.


Impeach.org & Soros & What’s At Stake

This is not about

Ø A phone call with a Ukrainian, or documents provided or not provided to Congress

It is about

Ø Respecting the will of the American voters in 2016

Ø Respecting the seriousness of the constitution and the gravity of the impeachment standard. NOT ok to impeach for policy disagreements or personal hatred.

Ø Opposition to Trump’s America First/Swamp Draining agenda

DO NOT GET DUPED by the upcoming orchestrated Street theater  planned and funded by radical leftists. Americans do not want this AND we must let every member of congress and the senate know that.


“Giuliani, Comey and Nunes, Oh My!”

        Giuliani has uncovered Obama/Biden corruption and money-laundering in the Ukraine; it exposes the impeachment scam in part as a noisy coverup for Obama/Biden

        Comey appears utterly shameless and relentlessly dishonest—will America demonstrate the moral courage—via Barr/Durham—to insist on accountability?

        Devin Nunes is an American hero; his March 2018 summary of House findings was mocked and vilified at the time, but has been proven 100% correct by IG Horowitz

        Schiff’s 2018 rebuttal to Nunes was willfully false; Schiff seems incapable of acknowledging truth. Nunes has called him on it.

         GOP Members of Congress need to KEEP calling this impeachment a sham, a railroading, an abuse of Congressional power.


Bill of Rights 228th Anniversary

Every generation of Americans (and future Americans) MUST relearn certain truths:

1.    The Bill of Rights is uniquely foundational to freedom in America

2.    It, and the Constitution, are anchored in Biblical ideas.

3.    These ARE the ideas that created America. Without them there is no sound basis to protect America’s unique commitment to each person of their right to live in freedom.

Ø Today freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, rights to due process and fair trial—are all under assault in America, from Leftism. Losing them would destroy freedom in America

Ø Remember Reagan’s words:  “If we cease to be a nation under God, we will be a nation gone under.”  Our founding freedoms were confirmations by our founders of what they believed were rights already given to us by God as described in the Bible, not a list of choices they arbitrarily granted after voting.