Why It Matters – The December 17th Show

Why It Matters – The December 17th Show

SolarWinds Hack


  • SolarWinds a ‘security’ vendor monitoring IT security for customers—HACKED

Services much of the federal govt

Services all branches of the US military

Services 425 of the Fortune 500

Services Dominion Voting Systems (denied by Dominion, but belied by screengrab)

  • A very serious and dangerous hack; implications potentially very far-reaching

Ruling class noise blames Russia, Russia, Russia…but Russia collusion hoax raises doubts.

China?  Deep State?

  • Trump admin. reportedly seized SolarWinds servers/data in Austin TX and elsewhere

              Is there a connection between SolarWinds, hacking, and election fraud?


Insurrection Act & Executive Order 13848


EO 13848 requires DNI report on foreign election interference 45 days after Election Day

DNI announced yesterday that it won’t meet the deadline of December 18

DNI Ratcliffe told CBS News yesterday there was interference by China, Russia, Iran

Delay of report said due to career officials not ready to sign off

Speculation is internal disagreement over description of China’s role

Scope of foreign election interference may lead Trump to invoke Insurrection Act

Massive election fraud to prevent the American people from electing their President is:

  • A direct assault on the Constitution and its prescribed form of governance
  • A form of ‘overthrow’ of the US government—especially when the fraud is intended to confer power on leftists with openly avowed intent to eviscerate the US Bill of Rights—free speech, free assembly, free exercise of religion, gun ownership

Are we witnessing modern day treason?