Why It Matters – The December 17th Show

Why It Matters – The December 17th Show

Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn – Justice Denied

        Judge Emmet Sullivan  yesterday sided with the DOJ and against Lt Gen Michael Flynn, ruling Flynn is not entitled to evidence he claims shows entrapment, or other documents showing the FBI interviewers thought he was telling the truth

        Sullivan’s ruling is inexplicable on the merits…it can only increase fears of a Deep State

        This is seeing the case and pleadings in a myopic view: failing to put this case in the context of the IG report and the facts coming out about the FBI’s biased conduct



After Pensacola

        Pensacola perpetrator was a Saudi national; was NOT a lone wolf

        Training foreign nationals re use of US military equipment purchased by their native countries is rational in a general sense

It is naïve and suicidal in the specific sense of training those who hate America

        Political correctness in response to Islamic terrorism can be fatal

            Europe’s political correctness toward Islamization is destroying EU            culture

            America must learn from Europe and world history

        The KEY is spreading understanding of what ISLAM actually teaches AND of the centuries of violent Islamic Conquest that followed the founding of Islam, and is ongoing today in a multitude of ways.


Impeachment Imbroglio Cluster

        The truth of Ukrainian corruption appears to be monumental, and Obama/Biden/Yovanovitch are in the middle of it

Ø This is the true story of Ukrainian corruption, and it would have justified impeachment…of Biden at least …

Ø Does the US Senate want the truth exposed? Or will they avoid finding truth?

        Can the US Senate be trusted to acquit President Trump?

Ø 95% GOP approval of Trump & YUGE rallies say yes. BUT …

Ø The Swamp’s interest in preserving the Swamp may drive some GOP Senators to support removing Trump (to preserve the Swamp).

The KEY: American people MUST TELL their SENATORS: “DON’T YOU DARE”


Women Trump Supporters vs. Carly Fiorina

Fiorina’s ‘vote to impeach’ but ‘vote Trump in 2020’ is inexplicable, unless:

Ø She is not following the facts of this sham impeachment & the radical Left’s mission OR

Ø She is still stinging from public humiliation by Trump in 2016 campaign


Trump in 2016 was over-the-top w/Fiorina & Ted Cruz and others, but stakes are now HIGH

Ø Cruz understands the Left & the stakes for the country & defends Trump

Ø Fiorina needs to wake up to the evil of the American Left, or stop talking


VOTING for TRUMP to stop the LEFT is imperative in 2020

Stand by for more from ACWT in 2020!