Why It Matters – The December 19th Show

Why It Matters – The December 19th Show

J6 Comm — “Indict Trump”


Uniparty/Deep State transparently obsessed with removing Trump from political power

  • J6 Committee ‘final’ report expected to recommend DOJ indictment of Trump
  • This is the J6 Comm that was and is entirely partisan, followed NO due process rules, and has withheld material evidence regarding Pelosi’s actions and FBI’s actions
  • More than half the country sees J6 Comm as ‘banana republic’ dangerous silliness

But inside the Beltway echo chamber, the J6 Comm is convinced of its own righteousness

Much speculation that DOJ indictment of Trump is INTENDED to provoke conflict and encourage violent reaction among the American people so that martial law can be invoked

America is in a very dark and dangerous place

Godless left has no conscience; it is consumed by quest for/exercise of power

George Washington on his knees at Valley Forge comes to mind


Title 42 & Border Busting Treachery


Expiration of Title 42 – enabling extra immigration controls for pandemic protection –

expires later this week

Expectation is for illegal border-crossing to expand exponentially after Title 42 expiration

Southern border is in a condition of complete lawlessness

…at the direction of Biden admin and with intent to destroy American sovereignty

Actions of border state governors seem to be for photo ops and headlines, but totally unserious in terms of actually STOPPING this invasion

Again, as with ‘indict Trump’ movement, border lawlessness seems intended to bring America to the breaking point…how much more will the American people take?

Left counting on American ignorance and apathy

Left is dangerously misreading American character


Arizona Election Lawsuit Ground Zero: Kari & Catherine


Multiple lawsuits in AZ are exceptionally well-lawyered

  • Arguments/evidence supporting overturning 2022 election results are compelling/overwhelming
  • Maricopa County mega-fraud does in fact disenfranchise AZ voters in other counties

Real issue is judicial integrity and moral courage

There will be cowardly ways for judges to avoid bold legal action

Example: ‘Judges shouldn’t get involved in deciding elections

But the people of AZ KNOW the election was stolen; they KNOW Maricopa County officials are lying criminals; they are totally fed up with every institution failing them

And the American people throughout the country (not just Arizona) are watching the AZ judges

Will the people of Arizona and America accept judicial cowardice/corruption that denies Truth?

Do AZ judges sense the people’s impatience for JUSTICE?

Not possible to overstate the consequences of pending AZ decisions


Twitter: Latest on Files PLUS Musk OUT?


Elon Musk is difficult to characterize, but he is NOT stupid

  • Musk’s poll to determine if he should stay on as Twitter CEO reeks of trolling
    • He knew what the poll result would be, especially w/left-wing bot factories participating
  • Musk owns Twitter; he IS the Board of Directors; he is in charge regardless of who has

the CEO title

Speculation rampant for new Twitter “CEO”—Jared Kushner?

  • Choice for apocalyptic leftwing meltdown: After merger with TruthSocial…Donald Trump!?

Regardless of who is Twitter ‘CEO’, the release of ‘Twitter Files’  (now up to release #7) by Musk has exposed the dangerous cultural rot that flows from deliberate, agenda-driven govt-directed censorship

Ought to be bi-partisan consensus to end such censorship