Why It Matters – The December 19th Show

Why It Matters – The December 19th Show

Desecrating the Arlington National Cemetery


Biden admin orders removal of Confederate memorial in Arlington National Cemetery

  • First erected in 1914 – memorializing national reconciliation after the Civil War

Biden cabal wants removal of anything arguably honoring the Confederacy è RACIST!

ØThere is no good faith behind anything the Biden cabal is doing to America

ØDesecrating Arlington National Cemetery by dismissing the idea of national reconciliation is in-your-face defilement and denial of the American character

ØHonoring national reconciliation is not the same as honoring the Confederacy

ØErasing American history – Marxist tactic for fostering demoralization and disillusionment

ØThis is political poison being spread by the Biden cabal

America MUST reject Biden, emphatically, in 2024


Flagging Minnesota’s Fall


State of Minnesota opts for a new state flag

  • Chooses near replica of the flag of a state/province of Somalia
  • Somali Muslim refugees a sizable segment of Minneapolis/St. Paul population

ØThis is the erosion and destruction of American identity, happening in real time, and with

the support of feckless politicians

ØIt represents appeasement, a misguided sense of tolerance, and it will NOT end well

ØFar too many migrants do NOT seek assimilation into America

They seek transformation of America away from America’s founding ideals

Minnesota legislators should learn what has happened to London and EU cities

American culture emerging from American ideals is GOOD and worth preserving

Americans must not be mesmerized into sacrificing their country & culture


Harvard Protects Anti-Semitism (& Plagiarism)


Harvard President becoming a poster child for DEI hiring/meritlessness

  • Abundant evidence of plagiarism in her very limited ‘published’ writing

oIrony:  plagiarism involves in part the writings of Dr. Carol Swain – a black woman

  • Ms. Gay doesn’t unequivocally denounce the evil of genocide and barbarity against the Jews

oShe believes it depends on the context?

Other Harvard presidents—e.g., Larry Summers—have been fired for much less

Backlash against Harvard and other Ivies is growing…what are they teaching?

Harvard Board so far standing by Ms. Gay…

But what are they standing for?  Anti-Semitism is ok?  A little plagiarism is ok?

Hiring standards must return to a focus on colorblind MERIT, not DEI


Porn in the Senate


Dem Senator Ben Cardin staffer films himself in gay porn in US Senate hearing room

  • Staffer has been terminated, now trying to claim LGBT ‘victim’ status

Gay porn episode follows:

  • Jill Biden’s bizarrely sexual Christmas celebration video
  • Packets of cocaine found in the White House, near the Oval Office

But Biden represented the return of decency to the White House?

Americans are drowning in a leftist culture celebrating and elevating sexuality and sensuality to the exclusion of all else

…men and women as nothing more than animals without dignity, nobility, character

This is what is meant by leftism’s assault on Christianity or Judeo-Christian values

The Swamp must be drained politically, morally and spiritually