Why It Matters – The December 1st Show

Why It Matters – The December 1st Show

Roe to be Overturned?


Dobbs case at SCOTUS…

  • Questions from SCOTUS Justices signal potential for overturning Roe v. Wade

Conservative justices lean to moving the issue back to the states

Liberal justices worried about not honoring precedent

  • Abortion and the trimester approach of Roe v. Wade is entirely a work of judicial activism…SCOTUS taking over the role of a policy-making legislature…entirely made-up as a matter of Constitutional law
  • Abortion is a moral issue, just as capital punishment, divorce, child custody; it is not a right
  • Overturning Roe v. Wade would not prohibit abortion, but would place it where it belongs for resolution under the Constitution: at the state legislative level


Build WHAT Back Better?


Biden legislative monstrosity builds GOVERNMENT bigger, broader, more intrusive and invasive in every aspect of life

  • More IRS agents
  • Bigger Labor Dept/OSHA
  • Central planning for rural America
  • Socialist healthcare subsidies
  • Auto kill switch – an enormous potential for abuse

No Republican should even consider a vote FOR this mess

Biden’s low approval should tell them where the American people stand


President Hillary?


  • Wayne Allen Root flagged the ‘play’
    1. Kamala to SCOTUS
    2. Hillary to VP
    3. Biden to a dementia facility

President Hillary

  • Hillary is NOT popular with the American people
  • Hillary was/is the obvious ringleader/orchestrator of the Russia collusion hoax..criminal?

But the left doesn’t care what the American people think or want

Root’s ‘play’  is very plausible


Vaccine Mania


  • Omicron is NOT scaring the American people the way Biden et.al. expected…
  • Fauci and Obama visit a DC public school to encourage vaccination???!!!
  • Courts are turning against vaccine mandates
  • Americans clearly are turning against the Biden regime and the leftist agenda
  • But the left doesn’t care…

Psaki says banning unvaccinated from domestic air travel ‘not off the table’

The people running the Biden WH appear to want to provoke a confrontation

Dangerous, dangerous times for all Americans