Why It Matters – The December 1st Show

Why It Matters – The December 1st Show

Truth Strikes CNN


  • Project Veritas accessed CNN morning editorial calls…for weeks

Will start releasing recorded content of those prior calls tonight

  • CNN is laughably biased and hypocritical…Leftist/Democrat propaganda, nothing more

Stunning but revealing that CNN’s corporate governance humors this…

                        …they apparently agree with the propaganda

Stunning that CNN remains financially viable…

                        …but advertisers apparently also agree with the propaganda

            Project Veritias recordings not likely to change anything

just more confirmation that CNN claiming to do ‘journalism’ is a joke


Censoring Witnesses and Abetting Election Fraud


  • Twitter suspends the account of an AZ election fraud witness during his testimony

            Witness’s mathematical analysis of anomalies apparently too convincing

  • AZ Governor Ducey and GA Governor Kemp (both “Republicans”) act to certify election results that a are transparently fraudulent…raising deep suspicions as to whether they are compromised
  • Now AG Barr delivers statement claiming no fraud that would change the election result

But no explanation of what has been investigated

The American people are being betrayed by their leaders; the fraud is obvious to anyone with common sense…the American people will have to stop this


Covid Kills Football?


The radical left has always hated football

Too masculine

Too competitive

Too profitable

Too American

Leftists including Fauci found in covid a way that could end football once and for all ..

Avalanche of cancellations of practices and games over shaky ‘positive’ test results

Entering ‘era of pandemics’…expect covid-21 and more ‘concern’

Football is the ultimate sport for collisions and close contact…

Will Fauci recommend ending the sport? 

Expect another “it’s just not safe …”

Do the NFL and NCAA realize where this is headed?


ACWT on Rumble Soon


Americans MUST be able to access trustworthy, pro-American news and commentary

Big Tech censorship cannot be allowed to impose leftist, totalitarian thought-control

So…new channels for ACWT are on the horizon…spread the word






Stand by for further announcements!