Why It Matters – The December 20th Show

Why It Matters – The December 20th Show

What Kari Lake Won & Didn’t Win


AZ judge dismissed many of Lake’s claims…and Lake is appealing this dismissal

AZ judge ordered two-day trial on:

  • chain of custody claims, and
  • whether malice involved in multiple, simultaneous voting machine failures

AZ judge rulings do not signal overwhelming judicial courage; more like begrudging action in the face of overwhelming evidence

  • Two-day trial reflects a hurry-up-and-get-it-over-with attitude

Not a let’s-listen-to-all-the-evidence attitude

Worth watching:  Katie Hobbs will be called to testify as the top AZ election official

  • Plead the 5th??!! Or “I don’t remember?” Or “I relied on others” Or….what?

                Arizona trial a true battle for American survival…patriots are watching


Twitter as FBI Field Office


“Twitter Files” releases show deep, irrefutable, sustained involvement of FBI in directing Twitter censorship on political issues directly bearing on the American presidential election

  • ALL censorship was in the direction of helping Joe Biden and harming Donald Trump
  • Staggering number of former FBI and intelligence agency personnel among top execs at Twitter
  • Disgraced/forced out FBI General Counsel James Baker became GC of Twitter

Edited/censored initial “Twitter Files” releases until fired

Depth of defilement and damage to First Amendment freedom of speech is incalculable

All of it is by design and intended; none of it is merely careless

Restoration of American freedom is in deep and dark jeopardy