Why It Matters – The December 20th Show

Why It Matters – The December 20th Show

Generals Push War Games Against Americans?!


WaPo op-ed by former US military leaders actually proposes…

war games against the American people!

These deluded leftist former generals:

  • Still buy 2020 as a free, fair, secure election…despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary
  • Insist January 6th was an insurrection…despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary

…and aren’t sure who their troops support—and so need war games to sort it out

This is the poison fruit of a fraudulent 2020 election and a ruling class that won’t address the fraud in any form but insist on denying it

The American people are way ahead of their ruling class in understanding the fraud

Frustration is mounting


Build Back Better – Bombed


Build Back Better—

  • A World Economic Forum initiative intended to massively restructure the US economy
  • End the US economy built around use of fossil fuels
  • All about using climate change to grab power, redistribute wealth and reorder society

Senator Joe Manchin saw through it…it was not the initiative of the blue collar West Virginia Democrat voters who elected him…he was right to kill it

America dodged a bullet

America owes a debt of gratitude to Manchin for standing up against the radical left


Election Fraud


  • DEMS abandoned Build Back Better…now back to attempt to federalize elections
  • HR 1 and SB 1 were long ago seen as perpetuating the system and processes that allow elections to be stolen

Banning voter ID….really?!?

Limiting cleanup of voter rolls…in the face of canvassing results?!?

Since these bills were first stalled…the evidence of 2020 election fraud has only increased in Arizona, Georgia, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin (among other states)

The American people are more informed and opposed to federalizing elections

than they were against Build Back Better

DEMS are governing against the will of the people—and imploding


Climate Change


Check out the ACWT link to ‘50 Years of Failed Predictions’

Too many Americans forget:

  • Official warnings of imminent doom—”only ten more years!!!”—began in 1972
  • None of the doomsaying warnings and predictions have materialized

‘Climate change’ –and who and what actually causes or controls it—is not a matter of settled science, or anything close to settled science

But ‘climate change’ is settled politics—the radical left’s dream tool to re-order society and take control all of human life

Americans must resist climate alarmism

Just another device to destroy liberty



Covid Vaccines


Read Sam Faddis:  “The COVIC Vaccines are a Myth”

Data-driven takedown of claims of vaccine efficacy…data comes from around the world

Does anyone in public health agencies ever step back and engage in critical thinking?

What explains Faddis’ data?

Why are we insisting on any vaccination…much less mandating it?

Basic critical thinking is so obviously absent…

that’s why Americans are losing trust in public health ‘authorities’


TRUTH about America


In 2022, Americans must resolve to refuse to live under lies—

Lies about the presence of election fraud

Lies about vaccine efficacy

Lies about pandemic lockdown measures and their efficacy

Lies about climate change

Lies about human biology

Lies about ‘systemic racism’ in America

America Matters

And Truth Matters to Americans