Why It Matters – The December 21st Show

Why It Matters – The December 21st Show

Gender “Fluidity” Danger


UPenn swimmer Lia Thomas is a biological male competing against biological females

  • Winning races by enormous margins
  • Setting ‘records’ for ‘women’ swimmers

Schools at all levels are teaching that biological males can become females

  • ‘Windsor’ all-girls school all-in to ban gender pronouns; embrace gender fluidity

All of humanity for all of human history has known:

  • Males competing v. females in contests involving physical strength…not a fair competition
  • Neither surgery nor drugs change biological identity…male=male; female=female

UPenn students, parents, coaches, administrators are being made to live this lie, which eviscerates honest competition and the rewards of hard work for their female athletes

It’s time for Americans to resolve to refuse to live under lies

and the confusion and chaos they create


“Extremism” = Tool for Tyranny


  • DOD announces plans to monitor social media ‘likes’ by soldiers…intent is to discipline (dismiss?) those whose ‘likes’ indicate an embrace of ‘extremism’
  • BUT WHO DEFINES EXTREMISM? What if a US soldier ‘likes’ a post:
    • Expressing concern about open borders?
    • Supporting efforts toward greater election integrity?
    • Questioning why so many VAERS reports surrounding covid vaccines?
  • Defining what is or is not ‘extremism’ is an EXTREMELY powerful tool for totalitarian thought-control …it is the means to accomplishing the destruction of free speech
  • The left intends to use this tool not just v. soldiers, but v. anyone (incl. talk show hosts) who dispute what they order to be ‘truth’

Remember the hyenas and the lions

American patriots must stand and stick together