Why It Matters – The December 21st Show

Why It Matters – The December 21st Show

Katie Hobbs “Emergency” – Can’t Testify?


Kari Lake/AZ election fraud trial update:

  • Litigious legal gobbledygook results in excusing Katie Hobbs from testifying
  • Katie Hobbs is the top AZ elected official responsible for elections and the purported Governor-elect but the legal system says she doesn’t have to testify about an abomination of an election
    • Lawyers/judges wrapped up in fastidious procedural rules think this is ok
    • Non-lawyer real people throw up their hands at what seems an unconscionable defiance of truth and justice and accountability of govt officials

AZ legal system not generating ANY confidence that justice-based-on-truth is the goal

Will Arizonans accept anything less than an order for a new election?


FTX: Another Democrat Scandal?


Records of FTX described (so far) are so barren of even a figleaf of legitimacy as to make the entire enterprise appear to have been created entirely for the purpose of laundering funds

to Democrat campaigns and causes…key question:  including taxpayer funds????

  • Links between SEC Chairman and FTX General Counsel raise concerns
  • FTX ‘management’ largely devoid of achievement, professional stature, relevant experience
    • Sam B-F son of Dem activist Stanford law professors….what other qualifications????
  • ‘Crypto’ mystique and celebrity endorsements propped everything up…but nothing ‘there’

How well would Democrat candidates have done without $40+M of FTX donations…which were second only to the donations of George Soros?

Sam Bankman-Fried arrested on eve of—and in order to block—Congressional testimony

Stench of Beltway/Deep State corruption is all over FTX/SBF


Omnibus Bill: Proof Deep State Hates America


Beltway Uniparty leaders like McConnell still trotting out ‘keep the govt from shutting down’ triumph in $1.7 trillion spending bill

  • Top priority to support Ukraine (not southern border)
  • Billion dollar subsidy for public broadcasting
  • Museums and ‘Pride’ centers
  • Endless earmark-type pet projects

No elected official will read this bill before voting on it…only the lobbyists who wrote it

Complete, ugly mockery of representative govt and ‘govt by the consent of governed

Passing this bill is not the action of representatives who fear accountability in elections

Why might they not be afraid of the voters?


Stanford Word Police Agenda


Stanford University rolls out announcement of “Elimination of Harmful Words Initiative”

  • “American”…’immigrant’…’grandfather’…’brave’…’gangbusters’ on the bad list

Wrapped in the good intentions of ‘sensitivity’, this is nothing but enforced ideology

…utterly unrelated to academic excellence

Mind manipulation in action at a leftist university

Control language in order to control thought in order to control the masses

The operative word:  ‘control

Re-learning the civilizational building block of freedom of speech is imperative to save America


Dangerous Audacity: Trump Tax Release


Even many Dems recognize the public release of Trump tax returns is bad precedent

Where are the tax returns of:

  • Joe Biden? Hunter Biden?
  • Nancy Pelosi? Chuck Schumer?
  • Merrick Garland? Christopher Wray?
  • Or how about every member of the Congress, Senate and every Cabinet Secretary?

Rabid leftists may think this is a triumph…

…and Dems are counting on pundits using tax return info to generate more hate of Trump

Reality:  the American people are exhausted by the over-the-top breaking of all laws and procedures and norms to get Trump!!!…they know he’s not the problem…those pursuing destroy-Trump-at-all-costs are the threat to America


Still, Merry Christmas & Happy Hannukah

& Speak Up for America!