Why It Matters – The December 21st Show

Why It Matters – The December 21st Show

Great Reset is Upon Us


World Economic Forum/Davos proudly extolling the Great Reset…and Biden is ALL-IN

Covid the launchpad for a complete restructuring of world order and society

Control of pandemic requires control of people

Control of climate requires control of people

Ending the relevance of nation-states; redistributing wealth

The Great Reset is NOT an advance; it is not noble or moral; it is not good

It is a regression…a step back to when elite rulers (then called monarchs, now called experts) controlled the people, and freedom of the individual was an illusion

If the Great Reset shapes US policy, even many Biden voters will wake up to wonder what happened to freedom in America…

      Americans need to re-learn their own heritage: the truly great reset of 1776


1776 WAS the Great Reset


  • The true advance of humanity came with the founding of America—and the re-ordering

of the people’s relation to their leaders

Before 1776 – the masses and unelected rulers who decide what the masses can and can’t think, say and do

After 1776 – ‘we the people’ choose the government, but the government’s first job is to protect and preserve God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness

The individual is sovereign and free, subject to a rule of law that expects moral self-control

The American Revolution established man’s individual relationship to his Creator as superior to the masses’ subjugation to human rulers

THIS is the radical, great reset; Americans must never give it up


Trump Sues and Barr Bails


President Trump remains in the fight

Trump campaign has filed suit with SCOTUS re PA fraud

Trump has called for rally in DC on January 6th

Special counsels, impounded machines, and martial law currently downplayed

Evidence of systemic fraud and voter fraud is overwhelming and growing

Outgoing AG Barr throws cold water on:

Hunter Biden special prosecutor

Impounding Dominion voting machines

Barr is a ruling class elitist; made noises in the right direction, but in the end…

…Barr has protected the Swamp

Patrick Byrne at the WH…says Trump is poorly served by ‘mendacious mediocrities’

            Swamp-dwellers believe in their own omnipotence and dismiss truth

                        American patriots are fed up; likely to force a reckoning


Portnoy’s Barstool Reminder


Dave Portnoy’s Barstool Sports has made him into pop culture icon

Not a political ideologue, but a ‘great American’

An entrepreneur who understands the struggle of small business owners

Portnoy’s Foundation to support small businesses/restaurants started with $500K;

reportedly now up to tens of million$

Offers to give money to applicants to help them meet payroll and stay in business

This is pure ‘Americana’…common sense outrage at government overreach of covid lockdowns…reaching out to help neighbors in need…no political calculation—just doing the right thing by fellow citizens/friends

     Portnoy and his peers have no idea what the radical left intends for America

                                    Seeds of an enormous rebellion are in place