Why It Matters – The December 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The December 22nd Show

Sidney Powell “The Renewal”


An apolitical, spiritually-inspired event in Florida on January 8th  ”The Renewal”

Reflects Ms. Powell’s conviction that America cannot be fixed by politicians or the military             …but by spiritual renewal…turning back to God for

  • Repentance
  • Reconciliation
  • Restoration
  • Revival
  • Reformation

Few Americans have stood up for the Constitution and liberty more visibly and forcefully than Powell; few have taken more arrows from the leftist mob…but she does not fear and does not quit

                        This is true patriotism; an example for all Americans


Voting for Freedom with their Feet


  • The map doesn’t lie: Americans are fleeing blue states for free states
    • NYC, Boston and Chicago implementing vaccine passports…only ‘Karens’ are happy about it
  • The ‘disapproval’ polls are consistent: Americans do NOT want the Biden agenda
  • Pandemic fatigue and cynicism have set in: Americans aren’t buying Omicron hysteria

The coach has lost the team” means the players aren’t listening, and won’t follow

…and the coach has to be replaced, or the team will just keep losing

Joe Biden has lost the American people

2022 will be a transformative year