Why It Matters – The December 22nd Show

Why It Matters – The December 22nd Show

Spending Blowout – Peasants Get Pittance


A 5,600 page bill first available to be read by Congress at 2 pm on 12/21; voted on and approved by both House and Senate by 1:43 am on 12/22

This is exactly how Obamacare was crammed down…’pass it to find out what’s in it

Not a stand-alone covid relief bill; but combined with wildly profligate spending

Billions in foreign aid; $600 in various forms to Americans in need…

…and Americans’ need primarily created by govt’s own covid overreactions

Only six US Senators had the courage to vote “NO”

Cruz gets hit by Houston media conflating wasteful non-covid spending with covid relief

This kind of ruling class slap down of the American people is exactly what elected Trump

            And rewarded Trump with a landslide re-election—

This is yet another reason why American Patriots remain committed to stop the Steal


Election Battle Update


Georgia State Senate finds election results untrustworthy

Systemic failures; Fulton County bad actors

Recommends certification of results be rescinded

Trump campaign lawsuit against PA at SCOTUS

Demands correction of three specific, documented forms of fraud

No question as to ‘standing’; will SCOTUS hide behind ‘too late’ or face the merits?

Trump meeting with House members willing to object to electoral college vote

Newt Gingrich timely op-ed may give backbone to House members

Mark Levin lambastes the complete collapse of the judiciary…not upholding law or justice

SCOTUS has descended into a purely political institution

The fight will continue…America is hanging by a thread


Ponder America Over Christmas


Christmas is always a holy time, a family time, a joyful time, a time for peace of mind

In 2020, it needs also to be a time for pondering America’s link to Christmas…

America’s founding sprang from the Bible’s teachings…this is what is meant by  America’s ‘Judeo-Christian’ foundation

America can rightly be viewed as God-given, God-ordained

But it is on the cusp of being lost—

Donald Trump is plainly imperfect as a messenger (as we ALL are), but his MESSAGE is love for and a desire to preserve America’s uniqueness…as compared with the ruling class who just crammed down America’s throat an irresponsible spending colossus in a manner that mocks representative democracy

Americans have a heritage of God-given rights and freedom

What are we willing to do to be sure it does not ‘perish from the earth’?