Why It Matters – The December 28th Show

Why It Matters – The December 28th Show

Election Status


  • Seth Holehouse video tweeted out twice by Trump – worth watching
  • Mo Brooks says dozens of House members still in the fight
  • Sidney Powell gets the Galileo treatment – truth too much to handle?
  • Analyst Bobby Piton – 500,000 fictitious voter names in Pennsylvania?
  • 72% of Americans say Trump is the model for a strong Republican

YET…NYPost throws in the towel…calls for Trump concession

Evidence of voting fraud and election fraud mounting every day

Why the GOP surrender?

If roles reversed, DEMS would never surrender



Pence’s Potential Power


  • VP Mike Pence is President of the US Senate (by the terms of the US Constitution)
  • President of the Senate has Constitutional responsibility to open the state-by-state electoral votes and count them on January 6, 2021
  • Seven states have submitted alternative sets of electors (one set for Trump; one for Biden)
  • Pence appears to have unappealable discretion as to whether to count the votes of a particular

set of electors and as to which set of electors to count

Legal theories abound as to the scope of Pence’s discretion to count or not count the votes of electors from states which (1) suffered disqualifying levels of voting and election fraud, or (2) did not conduct their elections in accordance with Constitutional requirements

            …Pence’s decisions as to seven states are enough to determine who shall be President

        America hangs in the balance:  How will Mike Pence answer the call?