Why It Matters – The December 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The December 2nd Show

America at Election Crisis Point


  • Fraud data points keep accumulating

Biden’s online Thanksgiving message audience:  ~1,000 viewers

Biden’s FB followers:  7M+    Trump’s FB followers:  34M+


The presidential election result anointing Biden as the winner is completely fraudulent

…Biden did not receive 80M votes…Biden did NOT win the election

…Trump won in a landslide

Americans everywhere are rising to the realization:

            An obviously fraudulent election CANNOT stand

            NOW is the time to defend the Republic


Election Fraud as Coup


  • Spygate…
  • Russia collusion hoax…
  • Sham impeachment…

All of these were directly targeted at Trump; indirectly at the American people

Election fraud of 2020 is targeted directly at the American people

It shows the left’s determination to take the vote away from Americans

It is straight-up socialist subversion of America

That’s why American patriots are rising and will not be stopped; they will NOT roll over no matter how many ‘officials’ and ruling class elites tell them to…

SCOTUS – Can you hear us now?


Georgia Senate Races


  • Senate control by GOP is critical…to a SECOND Trump term

It is beyond critical if Biden were allowed to steal the election

Dominion Voting Machines must not be used

Loeffler and Perdue must win

  • But as important as the January 5 Georgia Senate elections are, they MUST NOT divert energy or attention away from the #1 priority: Overturning Presidential Election Fraud


DEMS in Crisis


  • This is the highly under-reported story of 2020…

…and further evidence of the fraudulent ‘Biden’ result

  • There was no blue wave
  • There was no embrace of socialism
  • Americans do not want defunded police
  • There will be no redistricting slanted to the left

Yet the re-elected ‘SQUAD’ insists that DEM losses were due to not going far enough left

            This is why Biden and his far-left ‘appointees’ are so far out of step

    Their agenda was firmly and overwhelmingly rejected by the American people