Why It Matters – The December 2nd Show

Why It Matters – The December 2nd Show

London Bridge Terror – Again

        British Islamic terrorist Usman Khan was convicted and jailed in 2012 for his involvement in Islamic plot to bomb the London Stock Exchange AND UK had evidence he wanted to set up a terrorism training madrassah.

            UK released him in December 2018. Commits terrorism again in Dec 2019.

        Academics from University of Cambridge set up “Learning Together” organized to “connect academics with those in criminal justice system.” Meeting that day at which Khan was allegedly set to speak.  Khan killed a course coordinator for Learning Together AND an attendee.

        PC Brits call the problem “terror,” avoiding speaking truth about what motivates this terrorism, which is Islamic supremacism ideology.  This endangers citizens and emboldens Islamists.


American Islamization – Progress Report

        Brooklyn grows as a hotbed of Islamic radicalism

        Oberlin College honors jihadis

        Muslim Brotherhood in White House circles

        American universities taking money from sharia-supremacist regimes

Ø It’s not about people (Muslims); it’s about theological ideas (Islamic doctrine)

Ø Ideas matter; ideas have consequences

Ø Americans may not want to care about theology…

                        …but Islamists are going to make them care

Individual freedom and responsibility under a loving God is the American idea

Will Americans insist on protecting it?


Trump – Hong Kong Freedom

        President Trump signs legislation insisting on China honoring HK’s separate ‘system’

        Hong Kong residents erupt with Trump support

            waving the American flag & singing the US national anthem

        This is what true freedom fighters look like –

            people who know first-hand the difference between

                        communism/socialism/state control    and    freedom

If only American college students learned what Hong Kong residents know


Fake ICE Univ. Nabs Illegals

1.    Separation of children from parents at the border

2.    Holding children in overflow, fenced facilities/’cages’

3.    Operating a fake university to draw in illegal immigrants for arrest and possible deportation

These were all begun under the Obama administration

        Desire for strong border security is shared by a solid majority of Americans, Dem and GOP

        The Leftist push for ‘open borders’ is NOT a grassroots movement; it illustrates that a leftist elitism has overtaken and runs the Democrat Party

        This is why there is a growing “Walkaway” movement…here’s to continued growth!