Why It Matters – The December 30th Show

Why It Matters – The December 30th Show

“Eliminationist” Rhetoric in the 2020 Election


“Eliminationism” ideology says certain views are so offensive and wrong that the people who hold them must be silenced, shamed & shunned, maybe even to the point of ‘eliminating’ them.

Eliminationism is tyrannical and anti-civility; it is the rhetoric & policy direction of today’s anti-American Left.

Examples: LGBTQ agenda,  climate agenda, open borders, unlimited refugees.

President Trump is restoring America by honoring religious freedom, reasserting borders and wise refugee policy, restoring free markets & a strong economy.

Don’t buy into the Left’s projecting onto Trump what they are actually doing.


Church Shooting and Biden’s Buffoonery

Texas gun-packing church congregants saved dozens of lives this weekend.

Recent Texas laws simplified church authority to implement armed protection…

…and Joe Biden mocked these laws as irrational.

Why does the LEFT never acknowledge cases like this?

WHY are they so driven to grab guns and distrust American gun owners?

The Left’s determination to disarm Americans must not be underestimated or dismissed

Take a look at Virginia


VA:  Gun Confiscation and 2A Sanctuaries


Do Not Look Away:  Virginia elected Democrats to control their legislature…

…and laws implementing gun confiscation and felony imprisonment for gun possession are being passed

Ø Virginia’s rural counties are rolling out their own ‘sanctuary county’ policies; they are vowing not to comply with the laws, and sheriffs are vowing not to enforce

Ø The Governor and the Dem legislature are defying the Second Amendment and threatening force against Virginians…this is how civil disobedience is triggered

Never forget a simple principle:  If the government possesses all the guns, the people are not free…they are not citizen sovereigns; they are powerless subjects


NYC Anti-Semitism:  de Blasio Blames…


President Trump

Ø Moved the US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Ø Acknowledged Israel’s annexation of the Golan Heights

Ø Locked arms politically and publicly with the Israeli PM

Ø Has children who are devoutly Jewish

Ø FIGHTS against the BDS movement


President Trump is not the cause of the surge of anti-Semitism in America

Blaming the growth in hate crimes on Trump is irrational.