Why It Matters – The December 31st Show

Why It Matters – The December 31st Show

President Trump is Not Dividing America

Be alert to the Leftist tactic behind the Democrat/Media myth that President Trump is dividing America:

Ø Leftists in government, media, academia, and the Deep State constantly attack, malign, and criticize President Trump, to stir up outrage and hate, and then run news stories about the hate that they are spewing.  Leftists are the dividers.

Ø President Trump TIED with Barack Obama in the recent Gallup “Most Admired Man” despite 24/7/365 media attacks on Trump AND 24/7/365 media praise for Obama.

Ø 90+% of Republicans approve of President Trump’s job performance.

Main Street Americans are NOT hate-filled; they are thrilled with Trump’s accomplishments

Leftists Hate That Trump is Succeeding


President Trump’s Accomplishments


African-American unemployment at all time low

Hispanic unemployment at all time low

Asian-American unemployment at all time low

Lowest unemployment rate for women in 65+ years

More Americans working than ever

Poverty rate at 17 year low

>400,000 new manufacturing jobs

>8,700 new Opportunity Zones to help poor areas

Signed EO to demand healthcare cost transparency

Violent crime has fallen every year (after rising prior)

Introduced accountability to the VA

Led criminal justice reform           

Secured funding for rebuild of US military

Dismantled ISIS

Secured greater defense spending from NATO allies

Negotiated new US/Mexico/Canada trade deal

Appointed SCOTUS Justices Gorsuch and Kavanaugh

Appointed 180+ conservative judges

Began dismantling China trade abuses

Moved US Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem

Acknowledged Israel’s claim to the Golan Heights

Led legislative effort to attack robocalls

Withdrew from climate accord, while reducing emissions

Withdrew from pallets-of-cash Iranian nuclear deal

Signed EO combating anti-Semitism on US campuses


President Trump has been a Powerful, Productive Pro-American Leader


New Year Resolutions for 2020 Patriots

Be ever vigilant. Remember that Leftism is about destroying America. Therefore …

Expect, but do not be fooled by more leftist lies about Americans and America as founded

Americans are a good people; America as founded has been a blessing to the world

Expect, but do not accept or be deterred by ‘polls’ claiming Americans want socialism OR that socialism works.

America needs and values individual freedom and responsibility

Expect, but do not fear or be cowed by leftists’ hatred of God and Christianity

The Christian faith has been the single most positive influence on America


Speak up and defend this country—as never before—against the leftist assault.

 Be a relentless cheerful warrior for the truth of America’s goodness.

 America must be preserved.