Why It Matters – The December 3rd Show

Why It Matters – The December 3rd Show

Trump’s Most Important Speech


Trump’s speech a refreshingly honest, human reaction to what everyone can see:

He got robbed

  • The Swamp that has hated him since the ‘escalator ride’ still hates him
  • The Swamp stopped at nothing to try and remove him from office in first 4 years
  • The Swamp stopped at nothing to rig the 2020 election
  • The evidence of election fraud and voter fraud is everywhere and overwhelming

The evidence of fraud is in no way minor, isolated or anecdotal

  • Trump righteously feels the election result shouldn’t be contingent upon lawyers and judges; the fraud is obvious; he won the election; and he should be so declared

Never underestimate the sheer power of Truth

Trump DID win the election, and the American people know it

‘The law’ cannot change the truth, and should not defy it


The Drop & Roll Fraud Tactic


  • A brilliantly short and clear video, illustrated via actual vote tabulation records, decisively depicts the ‘drop and roll’ election fraud against Trump WATCH IT YOURSELF!
  • There is absolutely no excuse for anyone to claim ‘there is no evidence of fraud’
  • The proof of voter fraud and election fraud is overwhelming; it is documented; it is ALL in favor of Biden; it should be decisive in establishing Trump’s re-election

The only question is whether American officials in various decision-making roles (state legislators, judges at state and federal levels, electors, and perhaps congress ultimately), have the moral courage to stand up to the Swamp and the Dem/media mob

And make the official election result conform to the reality of Trump’s victory


Crucial State Election Rundown & GA Senate Race


  • “It ain’t over” in any of these states, even though all have certified:

Arizona, Georgia, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin

Lawsuits in ALL of them MUST be allowed to proceed AND proof be presented

NO FAITH will remain in the justice system if the courts steamroll the truth

  • The Georgia two-seat Senate runoff election on January 5 is a bizarre circumstance, and heavily ‘confuzzled’ by GA GOP Governor’s apparent corruption, and unwillingness of BOTH GOP candidates to insist on shutdown of corrupt DVS machines

Georgia patriots must get over anger about the fraud and fight for an election free of the Dominion Voting Machines, and for Loeffler and Perdue victories 

GOP Senate control IS imperative


RIP, Walter Williams, National Treasure


Walter Williams—

  • Born poor
  • Raised in the Projects
  • Drove a cab before becoming a Professor of Economics
  • Prolific, powerful author
  • Drove himself to become an icon in economics and conservatism

Few people understand the moral clarity and courage necessary to thrive as a publicly visible black conservative academic

Walter Williams was an American dream success story, a national treasure