Why It Matters – The December 5th Show

Why It Matters – The December 5th Show



Musk’s exposure of the ‘Twitter Files” causes major weekend upheaval, still reverberating

  • Legacy leftwing media refuses to cover the story, but they can’t stop the spread of it

Twitter Files show active collaboration and ‘collusion’ among Twitter, DNC, Biden campaign to control relevant presidential campaign news

Criminal intent to violate the Constitutional right to free speech by the Biden/DNC team

  • Suppression of disqualifying corruption embedded in Hunter Biden laptop at the core of the collaboration and collusion

On top of Dr. Douglas Frank’s findings, 2000 Mules, Mesa County Report #3…

the addition of the Twitter Files removes all doubt: 

The American people were denied a free and fair election in 2020 (and 2022)

Their will as expressed in honest voting has been defied…by the US federal government


FBI ADMITS it Manipulates Elections via Social Media


Litigation brought by Missouri and Louisiana AG’s against social media prompts

deposition of FBI agent

FBI agent under oath admits to weekly pre-election meetings with social media to

coordinate takedown/censorship of information adverse to Biden and the left

  • Brazen, anti-constitutional behavior by what is now the USA federal executive administration


On top of Dr. Frank’s findings, 2000 Mules, Mesa County Report #3 and Twitter Files…

the addition of the MO/LA FBI admissions remove all doubt:

The American people were denied a free and fair election in 2020 (and 2022)

Their will as expressed in honest voting has been defied…by the US federal government


TRUMP’s Twitter Files REACTION


Trump blasted the clear and obvious implications of the Twitter Files:  a stolen election

  • Time to insist on fidelity to truth and justice, but…
    • Inartful wording by Trump is often his own worst enemy
    • Trump’s blast can be read as advocating departure from the Constitution
    • His intent is to shout that the stolen election abomination requires that the ‘diamonds be returned’—i.e., the 2020 election overturned and he be reinstated—

and no existing laws or regulations should be allowed to prevent this outcome

Trump’s sentiment is shared by a growing consensus of Americans

and not just the MAGA movement

the cheating and censorship and detestable behavior of the FBI, DOJ and social media is too in-your-face, too over-the-top for all decent people, regardless of political leanings


What Next? Who can do ANYTHING?


Kentucky Congressman Comer promises hearings and questions and ‘get to the bottom of it’ regarding Hunter Biden laptop investigation and suppression…

…But does any American have any confidence that any actual accountability will result?

A critical crossroads ahead: 

  • Americans are tired of ‘strongly worded letters’ and grandstanding photo-ops by elected representatives…
  • Either get rid of the rot and corruption through serious accountability, or resign from office

This is why the ‘primal scream’ Brunson lawsuit was filed

And just might be heard by SCOTUS


Brunson Case – Far-fetched ?


Brunson case represents a grass-roots ‘primal scream’ demand that government officials abide by their oaths to “…protect and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic”–

  • Argues that officials violated that oath in behavior surrounding the 2020 election
  • Case is not brilliantly lawyered, but the passion and frustration of the Brunsons are obvious
  • SCOTUS is considering grant of certiorari

Brunson case raises a poignant and impactful question:

  • If failure to adhere to the oath is never actionable—i.e., the American people can never sue to demand adherence—then why is the oath even taken? Merely ceremonial?

Leftists will say the Brunson argument ignores the ‘nuances’ of what it means to defend the Constitution…but denial of the First Amendment right to free speech—a/k/a the Twitter Files is not a matter of nuance

…will SCOTUS shock the country and hear the case?