Why It Matters – The December 5th Show

Why It Matters – The December 5th Show

More Climate Scam Adventures


Private jets scheduled to fly to Dubai conference on climate change…

….frozen on Munich tarmac J

Kamala Harris announces US ‘gift’ of $3B to UN climate fund

There is no climate crisis

  • Watch ACWT interviews with Mark Morano and Jason Isaac; read the books/data yourself
  • ‘We the people’ must understand: phony climate crisis is simply a tool:

oTo subjugate the masses—what they can eat, where they can live, whether they can travel

oTo take down the sovereignty of America and all other nations, in favor of global govt

The US is $33+T in debt and does not have a spare $3B to give to anyone or anything

…but if it had a surplus, $3B would be better spent on a border wall, not UN silliness

Fear-mongering is a tactic of tyrants for controlling people

Good news is:  fear surrounding climate change is breaking


Weimar America?


Antisemitic incidents proliferating across USA

  • Nazi flag-waving outside Dallas synagogue
  • Mob gathers around Philly restaurant owned by Jewish man
  • Teachers union member proudly denounces Jews…and teaches children it’s ok to do so
  • NY Jewish teacher attacked by students

VDH notes the parallels to the emergence of the German Weimar Republic

  • DEI has fostered a mindset of immutable victimhood based on racist groupings of people
  • Middle Eastern immigrants to USA do NOT embrace and honor America’s founding ideals

Understand America’s founding ideals:

  • All men and women are created equal, to be treated with equal dignity
  • All have God-given rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness = individual freedom
  • What matters is content of character, not color of skin

America’s founding ideals are right…Americans must defend their heritage


TDS Goes WaPo Mainstream


WaPo publishes op-ed by Deep Stater…essentially calling for the CIA to assassinate Trump

  • Core message: Trump will win in 2024; impose dictatorship; democracy will be lost..so STOP HIM

This is pure projection…the existing Deep State/Biden cabal is imposing dictatorship NOW:

  • Rigged the 2020 election against the will of the voters

oRemember the 51 intelligence agency officials who LIED about Hunter Biden’s laptop?

oRemember the destruction of Constitutional safeguards on voting

  …all justified by what increasingly looks like a constructed pandemic?

  • Set up—in 2016—a govt/military censorship apparatus to prevent the American people from knowing anything besides approved leftwing narratives…destroying the right to free speech
  • Is surveilling the American people, identifying concerned parents and Catholic parishioners as domestic terrorists
  • Is persisting in the J6 ‘insurrection’ fraud in order to threaten and jail political opponents
  • Has concocted bogus legal proceedings to threaten Trump/political opposition

The American people instinctively know the truth

that’s why the Deep State is increasingly desperate