Why It Matters – The December 5th Show

Why It Matters – The December 5th Show

George Zimmerman Speaks

        America’s thanks to Joel Gilbert, Hollywood documentary producer –

The truth of Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman is coming out

        Read George Zimmerman’s post on today’s AmericanThinker.com

The full truth is there for anyone honest enough to receive it

        The unjustified racial smear of and scar on America—

Another lie that was and is a product of the MSM, the Obama era, and leftist agitators who benefit from convincing vulnerable Americans of the lie that our country is teeming with racism, can be healed with the truth

George Zimmerman and his lawsuit deserve a fair hearing!


Impeachment Pending – Senate Prepares

        Pelosi goes for broke – calls for articles of impeachment

        Schumer and McConnell allegedly sparring in preparation for the Senate trial

        The ruling class seems undeterred:  they will not allow this country to be run by the ignorant masses, a/k/a the ‘deplorables’ who voted for Donald Trump

        MAYBE Pelosi is playing for a tie – getting Trump to call off Barr/Durham exposing the coup, in exchange for her dropping the impeachment vote—but don’t bet on it

2020 is setting up to be one of the most consequential years in US history

Be engaged on the side of American patriots to save this country!


Bo Snerdley’s New PAC

        Rush Limbaugh’s brilliant off-air right-hand man is stepping up!

        James Golden, aka Bo Snerdley, formed a new PAC called the New Journey PAC, to promote conservative values among black Americans

        ALL Americans benefit from right ideas and the robust debate of ideas: no one deserves to have their political alliance assigned to them according to their skin color

        Few movements in America today are more consequential and positive than black

            re-alignment toward conservative values

When ‘unity’ and ‘brotherhood’ are defined around conservative American ideals, the result will be progress for everyone, and true advance toward a more unified society


Trump Leads On

New Trump policies on food stamps and on refugee resettlement reveal an engaged President, despite the MSM/Deep State/leftist assault. He STILL takes on the hard issues!

Food stamps –

Ø Trump’s policy adjustments reaffirm:  the food stamp program was never intended to create an entitlement addiction. Those seeking benefits and able to work, should.

Refugee resettlement –

Ø President Trump issued an Executive Order permitting states to accept or decline refugees – which the original refugee resettlement law required but it was ignored.

Ø We must recognize the YUGE financial benefit to the VOLAGS, and the mission of dozens of interlaced organizations to use resettlement to build leftist political power.


Ohio’s Vote Fraud Problems

        A battleground, ‘swing-state’ discovers hundreds of illegally registered non-citizen voters

        The integrity of the vote ought to be a bi-partisan imperative

        Elected officials seem unwilling or unable to muster the courage and clarity to deal vigorously with threats to the integrity of the vote…

This can change, but only with unprecedented energy, pressure, activism from American citizens DEMANDING integrity in voter rolls