Why It Matters – The December 6th Show

Why It Matters – The December 6th Show

Famous Navy Seal Announces DETRANSITIONING


Navy Seal Chris Beck ‘de-transitions’ from attempting to be a woman

Now demands a stop to any and all transitioning of children

“Trans” ideology has been sweeping the USA and the globe

  • Seems akin to the mesmerism and mass psychosis of covid fear…

…as illustrated especially when a super-masculine Navy Seal succumbs

At the core, the trans ‘movement’ is about demoralization of America

  • Removing God from any discussion of identity
  • Reducing the human body to a soulless machine with exchangeable parts
  • Dismantling the nuclear family—i.e., removing children from parents—if a child is not granted the wish (at any age) to be a different gender than the gender of birth
  • Ridding the world of the idea that morality is divinely defined through biblical teaching

   ‘Trans’ is one of many battles raging over the existence and understanding of Truth


Real Life Transition Horror


Mentally ill teen feels betrayed by health professionals who recommended testosterone and ‘Top Surgery’

Hospitals and many medical professionals have embraced/legitimized transitioning

  • Expensive surgery and ‘treatment’…a money-maker
  • Horrendous outcomes—devastating mental, emotional and physical injuries—are being suppressed and censored

This is the culture of godlessness…

  • ‘Transitioning’ to a view of the human body as no different than a computer-like machine
  • Injecting programmable circuitry into the body to monitor and control it
  • ’Tinkering’ with human identity as if it were a playground toy

                 History is filled with recurring attempts of men and women to play God

Nothing good EVER comes from it


Role Modeling Perversion in High Office: Sam Brinton


Leftist Biden puts Brinton in public govt job charged w/ responsibility for nuclear waste disposal

  • “Non-binary,” cross-dressing, multiple pronouns…among his claims to individuality
  • Teaches seminars on “spanking”& kink & recently arrested for stealing luggage at an airport
  • This is public promotion of gender confusion as normal and legitimate.

Normalizing gender confusion lures some young people down the path to considering harming themselves via transgendering, and interferes with families and faith.

Remember the 45 goals of Communism in America?  They include destroying the nuclear family and the place of faith and churches, ultimately pushing the godless communist agenda.  In Biden/Obama’s ‘fundamental transformation,’ Brinton is a new role model.

Celebrating gender confusion directly confronts family unity & parental rights 

And pushes God and faith to the side