Why It Matters – The December 6th Show

Why It Matters – The December 6th Show

80 RINOs Vote for Their Own Extinction


80 House Repubs joined with Democrats to vote to expand funding for a nationwide covid  (and other) vaccination database, in this environment of covid tyranny

…an obvious advance of the surveillance state masked in the name of public health

These 80 are unable to connect the dots of Deep State manipulation

  • Biden team stridently pushing vax mandates & passports despite court rulings
  • Watch what is happening in EU and Australia
  • Totalitarian mandatory vaccination is clearly being contemplated by Leftists in US government, for a disease w/ 99+% recovery & multiple efficacious therapies
  • Nationwide ‘vaccine’ database to set the stage for social credit score system

Dan Crenshaw’s defense for his yes vote – that the database already existed, and this vote was to expand coverage and strengthen privacy misses the point

Covid is the left’s current vehicle to expand power – and he is helping them!

RINOs need to wake the hell up, or they will ALL be voted out


“MAPS” Ghislaine & Legitimizing Sexual Perversion


  • Ghislaine Maxwell trial already demonstrating the recruiting and grooming of a 14-year-old girl by Epstein/Maxwell
  • Old Dom. Univ. transgender professor urges new category: “Minor-Attracted Persons”
  • Adult sexual exploitation of minors is child abuse
    • Sanctioning the destruction of innocence; denying the value of protecting the young as they mature into adulthood
    • This is where radical left atheism leads—no moral standards…and no reason for moral standards…life is about nothing more than animal instincts and appetites; anything goes

America has always stood for a higher concept of men and women as coming from a Creator who endows them with inalienable rights that imply a moral, ordered society in which to enjoy them

America must reject this culture-destroying perversion