Why It Matters – The December 7th Show

Why It Matters – The December 7th Show

80th Anniversary of Japan’s Attack on America


December 7, 1941 –

The single event that served as the unmistakable wake-up call to the “sleeping giant”

The sleeping giant was/is the American people, NOT elected officials or bureaucrats


December 7, 2021 –

Millions of Americans are awake to the Marxist attack that is every bit as serious and consequential…but millions more need to awaken

China under the CCP is a different but equally sinister threat and danger to America

Many Americans don’t see this threat or understand it, and others are ambivalent

The Deep State/radical left cabal that is running the US government embraces a communist/New World Order vision that aligns with the CCP…they are enemies of America

The stolen election of 2020 was a cyber Pearl Harbor, and the left’s agenda is the war plan

Will the sleeping giant wake up in time?


DIE Killing US Space Program?


  • Reports continue to surface of very active Chinese and Russian military space programs
  • US “Space Force” lags, as US military academies prioritize around implementing ‘diversity, equity, and inclusion’ personnel programs instead of strategic defense and readiness
    • HUGELY consequential: satellite communications are absolutely critical to the military
  • “DEI” or “DIE” purportedly addresses ‘systemic racism’, but emphasis looks and feels like purposeful weakening of the US military
    • A brazen denigration of the concept of individual performance, character and merit as fundamental to military recruiting and promotion
    • A military charged to defend a country they are taught is systemically racist has no reason to fight; nothing worth defending

Main Street Americans understand all of this intuitively

America MUST find new military leaders who understand it