Why It Matters – The December 7th Show

Why It Matters – The December 7th Show

Ask the Right Election Fraud Question


Americans are far beyond the MSM rituals:

There is no evidence of fraud” – There is overwhelming evidence

Trump hasn’t ‘proved’ the fraud” – Proof was obvious on Election Night!

No fraud would have changed the outcome” – The fraud’s purpose was to install Biden

No fraud = No “President” Biden

Millions of Americans can see the truth:

There was an orchestrated, vicious attack on America via massive election and voter fraud intended to prevent the re-election of President Trump

The only question left: 

            Is there is any institution or official left that will defend the Republic?

                Or will everything depend on the actions of the American People?


Alito and Election Litigation Status


SCOTUS Justice Alito’s demand for expedited hearing may signal SCOTUS action to be taken before December 14 meeting of electoral college

BUT…Sidney Powell lawsuits in Michigan and Georgia dismissed at trial court level

At some point…in the face of overwhelming evidence of massive, orchestrate fraud…

…if and when judges waive it all away, and let the ‘steal’ take place…

Are they in violation of their oath of office to defend the Constitution?

The future of freedom is at a pivotal crossroads…and millions of Americans know it


Kill Chain and ELV.com


Watch “Kill Chain” –a pre-election documentary produced by Democrats

            to highlight US election systems’ vulnerability to fraud

The Dems unwittingly made the case for Trump justly overturning the fraud

Go to Everylegalvote.com…YOU can take actions that will be visible to public officials

The ruling class of 2020 has never experienced a true uprising of the American people

74M+ Trump voters are an unprecedented force if they stand up now

            Call or contact elected officials and demand the fraud be overturned

     The John Cornyns of the ruling class MUST be made to hear the American people


Sullivan Still Flogging Flynn


DC Swamp judge Emmet Sullivan is now threatening to challenge President Trump’s pardon of Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn

Sullivan has done monumental damage to the reputation of the federal judiciary

His hyper-partisan vendetta wrapped in the robes of justice is devastating to respect for the judicial system

In the face of documented, criminal framing of Flynn by America’s FBI and DOJ, it is simply a stunning defiance of truth and justice

The Swamp has corrupted everything in Washington DC