Why It Matters – The December 8th Show

Why It Matters – The December 8th Show

Why CROWDS @ Clay Clark Events?


Clay Clark –

  • Tulsa-based, very successful entrepreneur
  • Great lifelong instincts for reading consumer needs and desires
  • Podcasting powerhouse
  • Christian, American patriot
  • With the onset of covid, Clark began to ‘read the tea leaves’; saw the agenda of the radical left and its assault on freedom, free markets, and faith; sensed the manufactured ‘spirit of fear’    being created and spread in the USA
  • Launched “Reawaken America” Tour, with sellout crowds in major US cities, and extensive lineup of ‘alternative media’/patriot speakers ignored or censored by mainstream media

Every speaker w/unique message

all unified around love for America and the imperative to save America

in Dallas this weekend!!


Leftist Agenda Killing America


  • Americans increasingly staggered by the defiant, destructive agenda of the Biden cabal
  • Americans MUST recognize this agenda does not reflect incompetence or mistake…

It is massively destructive, and it is INTENTIONAL

  • Southern border open to millions of illegal immigrants; open to the free flow of fentanyl;

open to the operation of drug cartels

  • Covid vaccine mandates disrupting all manner of commerce, shutting businesses, throwing people out of work…while known, proven therapies are being formally denied and suppressed
  • Police being defunded; lawlessness exploding
  • US military retention and recruitment gutted by CRT/DEI obsession and vaccine mandates
  • Fuel prices (and prices throughout the economy) skyrocketing because of Biden actions
  • Fort Dix, New Jersey now home to 70,000 Afghan refugees….LET THAT SINK IN70,000!!!

Americans must rise to insist that all of this STOP, NOW