Why It Matters – The December 8th Show

Why It Matters – The December 8th Show

Election Fraud @ SCOTUS – Texas and Sidney Powell


Texas’ direct lawsuit against multiple states gives immediate jurisdiction to SCOTUS

Sidney Powell’s “kraken” lawsuits will all be appealed to SCOTUS by Friday, 12/11

Americans will find out what Gorsuch, Kavanaugh and Coney-Barrett are made of…

  • The 2020 election was massively corrupted by orchestrated fraud…by the same forces that alleged Kavanaugh to be a gang rapist and denounced Coney-Barrett for her Catholic faith
  • The purpose of these forces is a Marxist overthrow of America under the Constitution
  • SCOTUS needs to stop it—no American President can be ‘installed’ through fraud
  • SCOTUS needs to affirm what millions of Americans know: Trump was re-elected in a landslide, and any other result will destroy confidence in every institution of the SWAMP, including SCOTUS


China & Wall St. Exposed – Trump’s White Hat


Viral video of Chinese ‘professor’ explaining CCP control of DC politicians is confirming what millions have long suspected:

  • Prior to President Trump, US policy toward China was bought and paid for by Wall St. interests and without regard to the interests of Main Street Americans
  • DC Uniparty politicians, the MSM, and many academic institutions are on the take from the CCP in one form or another; the Biden family is at or near the top of the list
  • President Trump disrupted decades of graft and corruption by the Uniparty—and that is one of the reasons so few in the GOP are standing up for Trump in the election fraud fight

The CCP had trillion$ of reasons to interfere in the 2020 US election

                                                And they DID


Year of the Conservative Woman


  • Seventeen GOP women elected to Congress

Completely upends narrative of ‘women vote Democrat’

GOP stereotypes changing in the Era of Trump

All while AOC wants to ‘cancel’ anyone—male or female—who supported Trump

  • The SQUAD will be encountering pushback like never before…from conservative women

This is a positive side effect of the real election result:   leftism was thoroughly REJECTED


Serious Humor:  GOYA Foods and Babylon Bee


  • GOYA Foods names AOC “Employee of the Month”

AOC’s call for a boycott of GOYA caused a 10X increase in GOYA sales

  • Babylon Bee notes 138,000 names suddenly added in middle of night to Santa’s ‘nice’ list…switched from ‘naughty’?

Babylon Bee is the most consistently brilliant US political/cultural satire on the web

Astute in defense of Christianity; spot on in the mockery of leftist hypocrisy

A force for reaffirming the inherent strength and value of a Judeo-Christian culture