Why It Matters – The December 9th Show

Why It Matters – The December 9th Show

Texas @ SCOTUS – Election Fraud Buster


  • Texas lawsuit a stroke of legal and strategic brilliance—

Direct SCOTUS jurisdiction; no need for lower court rulings/appeals

Grounded solidly in existing constitutional law…Bush/Gore equal protection

plus State level abuse of constitutional requirements

Not a ‘hail Mary’ or ‘too-late’  effort, but timely, apropos and ripe for decision

  • Example: PA mail-in ballots in 2016:  233K;    in 2020:  5M (+ enormous irregularities)

This expansion was not approved by the PA legislature—as the Constitution requires

PA primary argument will be that exigencies of pandemic required special accommodation…BUT PA legislature had plenty of time…Dem governor knew he couldn’t get his wishes via legislature and so went to Dem-packed PA Supreme Court

    Clear violation of Constitution – SCOTUS to declare 4 states ‘uncertifiable’?


FBI Hassling Fraud-Busters


  • Two recent cases involving USPS employee/contractors

Sworn testimony about supervisor instruction to help backdate late ballots

Sworn testimony about driving ballots to PA in the middle of the night Nov.3/4

  • Agents of the FBI met with these witnesses, who say the agents were abusive and were harassing them and their families, and NOT focused on investigating the facts and circumstances covered by their testimony
  • AMERICANS must recognize what has happened to the FBI and DOJ in the SWAMP

There is no objective law enforcement or blind-folded administration of justice

There is only a leftist political agenda, and it is anti-American

            Americans must see this Marxist takeover for what it is, and RESIST


Ballot Fraud Debunkers Unite!


  • The leftist’ mini-industry that claims to have ‘debunked’ election fraud claims has itself been debunked of any credibility
  • Georgia’s viral Fulton County/State Farm Arena counting area video has not been ‘debunked’ in the slightest

Workers were told to go home; observers were NOT present; and the vote counts tracked to that time period were massively significant

  • All the ‘debunkers’ of fraud are funded and staffed by leftists; no objectivity whatsoever
  • And NOW…YouTube has announced it will take down all content that questions the 2020 presidential election results

AMERICANS must wake up:

This is what leftist totalitarian thought-control looks like

It is intolerable for America and freedom