Why It Matters – The February 10th Show

Why It Matters – The February 10th Show

The Marxist Takeover of the USA


  • Time/headlines devoted to demonizing and punishing Trump over January 6th are an intended distraction from the Marxist takeover of the USA that is being executed
  • Involvement/interference of the CCP in the 2020 election and the current WH agenda is documented by the DNI’s January report and by publicly known connections between the CCP and numerous USA organizations and USA politicians
  • Human history—including recent history as recounted by living refugees from Cuba, Venezuela, Spain, and China—confirms a path of moral darkness, violence and deprivation that follow Marxism/socialism/communism wherever imposed

> 100M+ deaths of dissenters in the last 100 years alone

The number of Biden voters who support the Marxist agenda now being imposed

     is minor, and NO Trump voters support it…will that be enough to stop it?