Why It Matters – The February 10th Show

Why It Matters – The February 10th Show

Pompeo’s “Communists” Warning


Pompeo unusually blunt, public warning about Chinese communist threat:

Infiltrating ‘…at every level of [American] government’

Chinese communists are acting deliberately, systematically and surreptitiously to invade American government. The Trump administration is going public to stop it.

China intends to achieve world domination, and subvert America

China’s agents are not merely getting power in America, they are flooding America with their socialist/communist ideas in our education system, including in Confucius Institutes at US universities

This is why China opposes Trump’s re-election

Pompeo’s warning is clear…and overdue


Of Course Trump Fired Vindman


No President is required to employ people who oppose and undermine him.      The Vindmans ought to have had the integrity to resign if they cannot support the President

  1. Alex Vindman’s admitted actions proudly opposed and undermined Trump’s policy goals in Ukraine;
  2. Yevgeny Vindman’s office gave the legal ok to Bolton’s ‘tell all’ book

Removing them is common sense, and should have been done on Inauguration Day

  1. An estimated 70 more Obama holdovers apparently set for removal…long overdue!

The Coup attempts and ongoing sabotage of Trump by Deep State operatives

are still the biggest danger facing America’s system of government


Dems “New Way”…to Destroy America Bill


No American patriot has an excuse for not knowing, not understanding or not believing the left’s goal of destroying America as founded…

House Dems, controlled by the mindset of the radical left “Squad”, are spelling out their agenda for all to see

“The New Way Forward Act” – supported by 44 House Dems

  • Criminalizing illegal entry into America is ‘white supremacist’
  • Illegal immigrant ‘convictions should not lead to deportation’
  • Retroactive invitation to enter to all who were kicked out under prior laws (and US taxpayers to pay for it)

American patriots MUST rise, in all 50 states, to flip the House