Why It Matters – The February 11th Show

Why It Matters – The February 11th Show

Fleeing Cuban Castaways Rescued


Cuban refugees washed ashore on an uninhabited island…

  • “Castaway” in real life, for two men and one woman
  • 33 days before found and rescued by US Coast Guard
  • Survived eating conches and rats

MSM unable to determine motive for fleeing Cuba   (???!!!)

  • West Germans never fled to East Germany
  • South Koreans never flee to North Korea
  • Floridians never flee to Cuba

Leftist narratives deny the reality of the human heart’s desire to live in freedom

Will enough Americans wake up and stop the leftist takeover of America?


Mark Cuban Rebuked


  • Cuban announced dropping of national anthem before Mavericks’ games
  • NBA—watching declining ratings/popularity—affirms opposite league-wide policy
  • Cuban bows to official NBA policy; reinstates playing of the anthem

The national anthem—

  • Is not a partisan political statement, and does not imply America is or ever was perfect
  • Playing it at public gatherings is an expression of unity, loyalty and affection for America

America must reject pervasive elitist, ruling class attitudes that say …

  • Pop culture trends, not history, should control how all Americans should think
  • Modernity—the post-truth, post-Christian world—means pro-American

traditions are mostly silly and outgrown

Another example of the ruling class out of touch with Main Street, Mainstream Americans


Impeachment Theater and Hard Facts


The 2nd impeachment is political theater, not a serious legal proceeding. The attack on the Capitol was wrong, dangerous, and criminal charges must be filed against wrongdoers.

     But the impeachment is about a ruling class frenzy to so demonize, ostracize and condemn

Trump so as to make sure no outsider ever again dares to go around them or defy them

BUT, Constitution still applies! Can’t remove somebody from an office he doesn’t occupy

Chief Justice constitutionally required to preside—and he hates Trump—but he refused

From the Washington Post:  Republicans came within 90,000 votes of controlling all of Washington. 43,000 votes for president, 32,000 votes for the House and 14,000 votes for the Senate.

This is why a full, honest, transparent federal investigation of election fraud would be good for the country…what is there to fear from an investigation?