Why It Matters – The February 11th Show

Why It Matters – The February 11th Show

AG Barr Takes On Sanctuary Cities


AG Barr is reversing a dangerous slide into lawlessness

  • Barr is not proposing mass deportation of illegal immigrants; he is focused on removing illegal immigrants who have committed crimes in America
  • This should not be controversial; it is common sense

‘Sanctuary cities’ is an Orwellian label; there is less safety and no sanctuary for the citizens of such cities…there is sanctuary only for non-citizens who are law-breakers

Sanctuary cities are simply one among an extensive leftist menu of initiatives to break down ‘law and order’ in America

  • Eliminate any meaning for ‘American citizenship’; favor the non-citizen immigrant
  • Open borders to anyone and everyone
  • Overwhelm the healthcare and education systems



Fair to Call Bernie “Un-American”?


“America” HAS an identity, that can belong to anyone, regardless of race or ethnicity

American’ means embracing these ‘self-evident truths’ and America’s system of laws:

  • All men (and women) created equal by the Creator, and possess…
  • Inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness endowed by the Creator
  • These rights are guaranteed and enforced by our rule of law & Constitution.

It’s ok to call Bernie Sanders ideas un-American:

  • Socialism/forced wealth redistribution = inconsistent w/ freedom & property rights.
  • Depriving Americans of health care freedom via socialized medicine?
  • Immigration policy that ignores borders and defies federal immigration law

MAGA isn’t about Trump; it’s about restoring the American heritage