Why It Matters – The February 12th Show

Why It Matters – The February 12th Show

New Hampshire Postmortem


The last four re-elected Presidents: Reagan, Clinton, Bush 43, and Obama (2 D’s; 2 R’s)

Vote tallies when they ran virtually unopposed in the New Hampshire primary…

Reagan 1984:   65,033

Clinton 1996:   76,797

Bush 43 2004:   52,962

Obama 2012:   49,080

President Trump last night: 127,937 (and still counting)


Democrat results are a sideshow.

Socialist Sanders won NH in 2016 by 22 points; by 1.5 points in 2020

Klobuchar rising, Buttigieg facing new scrutiny, Warren & Biden fading,

Yang & Bennet OUT, Bloomberg excoriated by DEMS.

NOT where Establishment Dems wanted to be today!


Deep State Beginning to Crack


Backlash against swamp lawyer Jessie Liu – Nomination pulled by President Trump

Covered up for Senate Intelligence Committee; ok’d a 60-day sentence to James Wolfe—admitted Senate staff leaker (responsible for ‘national security’) having affair with NYT reporter


Backlash from Roger Stone sentencing recommendation – Four lawyers resigned

7 to 9 years of jail time for lying to feds—who were lying about the existence of any crime by the Trump administration


Backlash against “Anonymous” – Identified and removed from WH staff

Author of NYT column proudly proclaiming purpose to subvert Trump’s agenda



What about all 19 lawyers on Mueller’s team?—

            …who knew there was no evidence of collusion from the beginning

What about 40 FBI agents assigned to Mueller—what were they doing?

            Why did FBI Director Wray permit this?