Why It Matters – The February 13th Show

Why It Matters – The February 13th Show

Where America Stands


Don’t let Super Bowl ads and balloons distract you…

WWIII danger signals are flashing everywhere

  • Chinese balloon defiantly flew over the guts of America’s ground-based nuclear arsenal
  • Subsequent balloons? Biden admin won’t say ‘not China’ so speculation runs wild
  • Taiwan invasion prep ongoing
  • Biden family deeply compromised by CCP
  • China on the ground with Taliban at Bagram AFB in Afghanistan
  • US Navy barred from docking in South China Sea locations

BUT…many quality organizations and millions of Americans ARE fighting back on every level

…get engaged yourself…

it will take Every Patriot to turn America around


Globalists march on: Samantha Power & George Soros


Hungary’s Viktor Orban—a Hungarian Trump—is very popular with his people…

…and very opposed to the globalist agenda, including uncontrolled immigration

EU opposes Orban…awards $3.5M to Open Society Foundation to aid with elections (??!!)

Samantha Power (former Obama aide, now with USAID) on the ground in Hungary

…planting seeds to oppose Orban?

Soros’ funding behind worldwide ‘fact-checker’ organizations

…not checking ‘facts’ but relentlessly promoting an agenda of lies and deceit in support of   global government displacing and destroying US sovereignty and superpower status

America is in a war for its survival v. Globalism/Atheism

Defeat is not an option…get engaged!


Trump vs DeSantis: Grooming the Next President


Koch inviting everyone but Trump to 2024 Presidential candidate gathering

  • Club for Growth and many other “GOP” aligned groups are all-in for globalism

Trump v. DeSantis is the relentless assumption/speculation

Either would be better by far than ANY Dem

DeSantis has terrific record as FLA Governor; an energizing speaker and leader

  • But…many of his donors are anti-populism, pro-globalism, AND
  • RdS endorses defamation counsel who represents Dominion Voting Systems against those questioning election results??????

Trump IS MAGA, and connects with the base far better than anyone else

  • But will not back off support of the vaccines?????

Trump is the only one who can and will fight the Deep State

Will that be the deciding factor?