Why It Matters – The February 13th Show

Why It Matters – The February 13th Show

Roger Stone Sentencing Triggers Dems

  • Recommended sentence of 7-9 years for non-violent offenses by a first-time 67-year-old offender was outrageous on its face; especially because sought by a Mueller team that was transparently biased and engaged in perpetuating the Russia Hoax fraud
  • Now info coming out about rabid anti-Trump Stone trial juror, allowed into jury by leftist judge appointed by Obama

And Pelosi believes President Trump is abusing power to call out this injustice?

  • The Dem portion of the Beltway ruling class is propping up DOJ lawyers as unaccountable, unassailable ‘lords’ over the American people…whose judgment may NEVER be questioned by anyone


Squad/Ayanna Do Not Speak for Women

Elected US Congresswoman Ayanna Pressley, speaking on the floor of the House:

  • Decries America’s Constitution as sexist
  • Says American women as ‘not free’ and ‘shackled’
  • Spreads thoroughly debunked gender pay gap data

Pressley is a radical leftist who speaks for radical leftists, not for women!

  • Pressley does not speak for women, and she does not know America

The claim of a wide gender pay gap in the US is demonstrably false, a myth, when data adjusted for differences in career paths and other non-sexist factors, and she either knows that and spreads lies anyway, OR she is extremely ignorant

WHY do Leftists/Feminists try to gather followers and support by bashing America?