Why It Matters – The February 14th Show

Why It Matters – The February 14th Show

DHS Fights Free Speech AND Opposes Truckers


The US Dept of Homeland Security is becoming the US Dept of Homeland Destruction

  • Brazen, arrogant, defiant attitude and policies DESTROYING the First Amendment
  • Americans who criticize or oppose the Biden regime narratives—such as ‘no 2020 election fraud’, and vaccines are ‘safe and effective’—are DOMESTIC TERRORISTS
  • DHS actively supporting Trudeau and shutting down Canadian truckers’ freedom convoy

DHS is wildly out of touch with ‘we the people’ around the world

Make no mistake:

  • The leftist cabal that installed Joe Biden as President hates America and Christianity, and is on a mission to destroy both

The survival of freedom is at stake in America in 2022

“We the people” must rise to save this country


The REAL Insurrection Plot


  • Labelling January 6th as ‘insurrection’ => disqualify Donald Trump from ever again running for President…and shut down MAGA supporters
  • And now…John Durham has made clear that Hillary and leftist leaders of CIA, FBI and DOJ ran surveillance on Trump as candidate and Trump as President
  • All decent Americans, “D” and “R”, are starting to wonder:

What’s with the Beltway/ruling class obsession with banishing Donald Trump? 

The answer:  the complete corruption and anti-American moral rot of every institution of govt—instigated largely under leftist Barack Obama and his AG Eric Holder—was and is being exposed by Trump…and they are fighting everywhere to stop him

A majority of American already see this…and a super-majority is building

                        2022 may be as tumultuous as any year in American history


Hillary Spies & Lies: Trump Replies


  • Special Counsel John Durham spelled out in court filings the facts surrounding the Hillary Clinton campaign spying on Donald Trump as a candidate AND as President
  • Overwhelming evidence points to everyone—EVERYONE—in the Obama administration, including Obama and Biden, and officials at DOJ, FBI and CIA—knew about the surveillance of Trump and either actively supported it or officially turned a blind eye
    • This is an actual conspiracy, not conspiracy theory
    • This was an actual coup plot; it is NOT a stretch to call it treason
  • Trump is going ballistic with public statements: No MSM will even cover the Durham story  (b/c MSM is complicit) & the story itself represents the biggest crime in American history

2020 election fraud is looming on the near horizon

         Trump was right about being spied upon; he is right about election rigging