Why It Matters – The February 15th Show

Why It Matters – The February 15th Show

Anthem Super Bowl Controversy


Super Bowl always showcases NFL’s wokeness–

  • NFL authorized rendition of ‘black national anthem’ prior to US national anthem

AZ Governor candidate Kari Lake photographed not standing for ‘black national anthem’

  • Lake responds to criticism…she stands for “THE National Anthem”
  • Lake (and others) say there should not be:
  • Women’s national anthem
  • Gay national anthem
  • Hispanic national anthem
  • Black national anthem

Kari Lake is right and courageous

There is no principled basis for justifying anthems to segments of Americans

Balkanizing America with ‘anthems’ is divisive, corrosive


Toxic Train Wrecks, White Workers, Buttigieg & Biden


Palestine, Ohio train derailment is a major eco-catastrophe

  • Ohio River profoundly polluted
  • Animals and fish dying in droves
  • Human cost yet to be understood…may be vastly underestimated

Biden admin Transportation Sec’y Pete Buttigieg did not cause the catastrophe…

…but his response has been glaringly unserious, incompetent, out-of-touch

Week after the disaster, PB scolds communities for too many ‘white construction workers’

Buttigieg is an embarrassing poster child for ‘DEI’—

  • Being gay is not a job qualification
  • Being gay does not excuse poor performance
  • Hiring incompetent people in government has consequences to the public

          Leftism is supposed to be all about the environment…where is the media?


Covid Hypnosis vs Reality


ØDamar Hamlin’s ‘pregnant pause’ re cause of heart stoppage points to vaccine injury


ØFuneral homes report 50% increase in activity…and across younger age groups


ØYale’s eminent Dr. Harvey Risch now adamant:  don’t take ANY vaccines

  • Similar stance from Drs. Robert Malone and Peter McCullough

YET…Steve Kirsch runs a Q&A re vaccine deaths and injuries with AI service ChatGPT

  • Results show programmed, mesmerized ‘all is well…nothing to worry about’ answers

ØBig Pharma shows no signs of remorse or reconsideration re mRNA vaccines

  • …while sudden deaths, excess mortality and disability show no signs of slowing (and may be accelerating)

The hypnotic trance of vaccine acceptance is breaking

watch for major litigation soon


Two-Pronged Attack on Free Speech 


Despite the revelations of the Twitter Files…

  • Govt-controlled censorship in violation of the First Amendment guarantee of free speech

US State Dept’s “Global Engagement Center” continues pushing censorship

  • Active blacklisting of conservative websites as misinformation

Prominent legal analyst Jonathan Turley notes journalism is moving away from ‘objectivity’ and into full-scale ‘advocacy journalism’

Journalism is in dire need of reform and refocus

Truth matters…Honest pursuit of Truth should be the goal…Not advocacy

The American People must have a source they can trust…to find and write the truth