Why It Matters – The February 15th Show

Why It Matters – The February 15th Show

Black History Month


Disgust with CRT shouldn’t spill over against Black History Month

  • A fair and objective account of noble black American leaders throughout American history has value…real role models can and should take the place of mindless stereotypes
  • Historical accuracy carries far more potential for righteous uplift of all people than Hollywood type-casting about the hood
  • Commitment to accurate history will NOT allow the denial of the harshness of segregation and racism, and the struggle to get past it…but also will NOT allow permanent branding of contemporary people as oppressors or victims based on skin color

Rare gem of a movie that illustrates all of these points:  “Hidden Figures”


Trudeau Goes Tyrant on Truckers


  • Trudeau invokes ‘emergency powers’…freezes bank accounts of truckers AND of anyone who makes a social posting supporting the truckers…attempt at brute force control
  • Canadian civil liberties experts deny that conditions warrant invoking emergency powers
  • Trudeau does NOT have popular support…truckers are non-violent, everyday Canadians of every skin color and ethnic background
  • Parallels to fight over slavery? Freedom or not freedom…no middle ground

Trudeau’s actions make no sense in terms of covid…the pandemic is essentially over… mandates and other restrictions being lifted all over the globe…




Pentagon Hosts Lecture: Bend to China 


  • “National Defense University” to host lecture at the National Defense University actually calling for an end to western arrogance and an embrace of more egalitarian ‘global justice’ and post-colonial socialism
  • Reflects a complete loss of understanding of what the Pentagon is charged with defending
  • Obama years included purge of America’s patriot warrior class…and this lecture in 2022 is among the by-products of that purge

Paraphrasing from a  “A Free People’s Suicide” and David Lane at American Renewal

‘If the hundred-centuries clock of civilization is compressed to a single twenty-four hour day, America’s freedom and Republic appear only in the last minute or so before midnight…’

The Pentagon must be massively restaffed with better students

of American exceptionalism…who know what they are defending