Why It Matters – The February 16th Show

Why It Matters – The February 16th Show

America as The Truman Show


Jim Carrey’s “Truman Burbank” character was played/fooled his entire life…by ‘masterminds’

The American people are feeling like Truman Burbank…w/govt and media masterminds

  • ‘Trump colluded with Russia’ – NO he didn’t
  • No one spied on Trump’s campaign – YES they did
  • The Mueller investigation was legit – NO it wasn’t; it was a coverup of wrongdoing by the govt
  • Covid-19 emerged naturally – NO it didn’t
  • There is no treatment for covid except vaccines – YES there are
  • Covid vaccines are safe – NO they are not, by historical standards
  • Covid vaccines are efficacious – NO they do not provide immunity, by CDC’s own admissions
  • Biden won 81 million votes in the most secure election in history– NO he did not, and it was not

Evidence is snowballing toward the complete destruction of all of these lies

Truman Burbank finally discovered the fraud

The American people are discovering the fraud…that’s why there is hope


‘Violent’ Truckers Sing Amazing Grace & Say “No”


Truckers in Ottawa singing hymns and Amazing Grace

  • THESE ARE THE PEOPLE TRUDEAU AND MEDIA characterize as ‘violent white supremacists’

Ontario Premier Doug Ford tried half-way measures:  Truckers said ‘NO’

  • Ford then shifts to complete denouncement of Trudeau’s actions as utterly unjustified by facts

Rumors continuing to fly around Trudeau having personal financial interest in vaccines

  • Trudeau won’t go before Canadian Parliament for ratification of ‘emergency powers’

…lawless tyranny, not democracy

This is now a pure contest for the survival of freedom against tyranny – of truth v. lies

Canadian truckers are 100% in the right, and the Canadian people know it

And so does the rest of the world


FDA Official Video


Project Veritas strikes again, using attractive young women as investigative reporters

  • FDA official thinks he’s out on a date, showing off his insider knowledge
  • Spills the beans on Big Pharma’s financial sway over the FDA; pre-set FDA approvals
  • Big Pharma needs a rigged FDA to achieve recurring and growing revenue
    • A shot every year….

Americans have rightfully lost all trust in ‘public health authorities’

Restoring trust will take years…entirely new staffing…and a redesigned regulatory structure


Hillary & the REAL Insurrection Emerging


  • Hillary Clinton, her team, and many in government, before and after the 2016 election, deliberately took actions to sabotage the election, and then to unseat the duly elected President of the United States using fraud and deceit, and used the corruption of the FBI, DOJ, CIA and judicial system. The “Mueller investigation” was a farce from the start.


  • The January 6th committee is a farce, calling the events that day an insurrection while ignoring  the true corruption and insurrection surrounding the 2016

Millions of Americans are awake to all this…and are watching to see if there is ANYONE

inside the Beltway capable of humility, honesty and contrition

If not, 2022 elections may throw out more incumbents than anyone realizes