Why It Matters – The February 16th Show

Why It Matters – The February 16th Show

Top Three Patriot Agenda Items


  1. STOP HR1 – Call, write, email, text your opposition to your reps

This bill legitimizes/perpetuates voting fraud, mail-in ballot fraud, and voter registration fraud

  1. STOP Amnesty – 11 million new ‘citizens’?

Americans have NEVER supported mass amnesty for persons illegally in the USA

Americans did NOT vote for mass amnesty in November 2020

Ruling against the will of the people must stop

  1. Find MAGA-agenda candidates NOW

Every elected office matters – School board, City council, County commissioners, on up

“We get the government we deserve”


Trump Not Guilty – Why?


Acquittal hysteria and ‘January 6th Commission’ ignore the elephant in the room:

There has been no honest, thorough investigation of election fraud in November 2020

THAT is what is causing unrest in America

  • Procedural dismissals of lawsuits are not investigations
  • AG Bill Barr’s backhanded dismissal was not backed up by real investigation
  • MSM demand to ‘say the words: ‘the election was not stolen’ is not an investigation
  • Cruz demand to call Pelosi as witness: what/when did she know about Capitol threats? Caused quick Dem capitulation—no witnesses—followed by Senate acquittal

Effect of Jan. 6th was to stop all inquiries into election fraud, but not on the basis of investigation results, but on the basis of hysterical calls to ‘shut up!’

                            Doubts linger:  January 6th was purposeful…but who’s purpose?


The GOP’s Trump Predicament


No one denies that Trump received 74M+ votes; 12M more than 2016

Our view:  the vast majority of those 74M+ don’t love Trump as much as they love the MAGA agenda and what it was doing for their lives

Polls say that agenda remains popular, and Trump remains its most visible proponent

But GOP ruling class can’t combine hatred of Trump with convincing embrace of MAGA agenda…because they hate both…and MAGA voters are awake to this reality

THAT’S why there is unprecedented talk of a new political party, new MAGA candidates

THAT’S why McCarthy and Graham are scrambling with how to keep Trump loyal to GOP

Major upheaval likely lies ahead