Why It Matters – The February 17th Show

Why It Matters – The February 17th Show

Rush Limbaugh


  • An incomparable talent; the quintessential American patriot; a classic story of pursuing what he always wanted to do…and becoming the best ever to do it
  • No one before or since has come close to his audience size and loyalty

His good humor and gift for satire and parody were unparalleled

  • The media did not make him, which is why the media could not break him

His most vicious critics almost certainly never listened to him but instead simply reacted to what others claimed he said or meant…sound familiar?

Rush often advised that he would let his audience know when it was time to panic

….in one of his last newsletters, he made it clear…

It is NEVER time to give up on preserving America—and ACWT won’t!


Trump Schools McConnell


  • Trump responded publicly and forcefully to Mitch McConnell’s Senate-floor speech condemning Trump…signaling he is not going to fade from public view
  • McConnell has the Swamp behind him, but he doesn’t have the support of the

American people…and his fellow GOP Senators are waking up to that fact

McConnell believes he successfully marginalized and then destroyed the Tea Party

He thinks he will do the same to the MAGA agenda and MAGA voters

But the Tea Party did not coalesce around a specific election or candidate

The MAGA agenda and Trump received 74+M votes < four months ago

Trump and McConnell are proxies for a larger battle:  the future of freedom in America

Our bet is on the American people preserving their freedom


Biden’s Bumbling and Kamala’s Bidding


While Kamala handles calls with foreign leaders…

Biden’s townhall includes:

  • Strange putdown of minorities as having trouble figuring out how to get the vaccine
  • Cheap shot against military and police officers as tainted with white supremacy
  • Continued theme of fighting white supremacy as if it’s the biggest problem in America

…launched presidential campaign by reference to the ‘fine people’ hoax

CONSIDER:  Trump’s defense counsel in impeachment #2 did not realize until the day of argument in the Senate that the ‘fine people’ comment was entirely contrived

        This is the damage done by an irresponsible and malicious MSM

   Normal Americans just can’t believe the MSM would lie for an agenda


Dem Mission:  Connect These Dots


Credit to William Levin writing on American Thinker:  Dems’ plan for permanent majority

  1. Make up rules on who can and can’t run for office (esp. for President)
  2. Eliminate the Electoral College (without amending Constitution)
  3. Federalize elections/override state election laws
  4. Award statehood to Washington, DC (94% Democrat)
  5. Introduce carveouts to the First Amendment’s freedom of speech for unacceptable ‘political speech’
  6. Open the borders through Executive Order, without Congressional action

 Americans need to understand these actions and their consequences

These six steps would be the end of America as the bastion of freedom


America Didn’t Vote For This


  • Catch-and-release reinstated by Biden administration
  • 26,000+ illegal immigrants to be released in America; apparently without covid testing
  • But school children, the least vulnerable, can’t go back to school due to covid, and
  • Americans’ travel to Florida may be restricted because of covid
    • Americans did not vote for this
    • This is not the product of ‘following science’ or coherent data-based policy
    • This is the product of a leftist power grab against the will of the American people

Biden is not bringing unity and healing to America